. ili: March 2010
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hand sign from number 1 to 9.

My 1st robot? (build it with my students)

It takes me a week to sketch, paint and ink this drawing of a boy and a girl.

1st post! I'll write my post in english so that everybody will understand. *Eventhough i'm not super duper good at it* xD

PKKC is a school for handicapped children's centre in Penang, Malaysia. I work there for about 2 months *from 11th January 2010 until 25th February 2010*. oops, it's my voluntary work!. I really loves to be there as an assistant teacher. My students' age is around 4 to 7 years old. Majority, there are Down Syndrome. Followed by Cornelia de Lange and Autisme. wow! i hope i spell it right!

I've learn so much thing while being there such as chinese language, hand sign and skills to handle handicapped childrens etc. Their way of teaching and learning is very different compared to the normal school. Really different! more colourful, creative, simple but effective! The best part is, singing and dancing lesson! so happening! hahaha! *cute*

It's very sad to end my voluntary work but I have to because I want to relax at home while waiting for my SPM's results! Wish me the best, pals! my last day at PKKC, i brought some snack to them! Strawberry Wafer *nyummy3!* I gave to them at the recess time and there's a boy who rejected my wafer *so sad*. (I wonder what is the best thing to buy for them?)
ah, that's all for my 1st post! *ahahaha*