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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My April 2010.

Woots! I don't know how to start my second post.. xD and seriously, I don't feel like posting anything since I'm having problem with my keyboard this month.. As you can see in the first line, I can't type "I, J, K, L, M, O and U". It's not just the alphabets, everything were messed up..! *sighs* Right now i'm using On-Screen Keyboard.. *2x sighs* it's so hard..! Dx why..

Luckily I know about On-Screen Keyboard! Last time I used symbol in microsoft word to make words then copy & paste it..! hey.. enough sighing. I want to write about my life for this month..^^

7th April, watched a movie, Alice in Wonderland with my awesome friend, Diyana. Aiksss.. I love the dance; futterwacks! especially the spinning head part xD I think Johnny Depp is an awesome actor.. :3

11th April, I went to UiTM Kedah for interview. Course; Art & Design. I'm late for the interview actually but.. better late than never, right? 1st task, still life drawing : there was a curtain, chairs, a dustbin, a tyre and boxes. Aww, I'm bad in making the tone, shadows, the details etc. Second task, creativity! they gave us about six wierd lines and asked us to draw something from it. I've ended up drawing an anime from the lines. xD My my my.. I really love the second task ;3

Third task? not a task at all.. it's just an eye test. Lastly, interviewed by a gorgeous lady.

28th April, congrats to my cat, Smokey! now my house filled with two new kitties. heyyy.. I wrote something here..! Some text disappear when I uploaded Bill Kaulitz cute photo! awww! No mood already! hate this! My my myyyyyyyy! it's so hard to set photo position in blogspot! =.= gghhhrrrr...! The end!


ili said...

Number in colour blindless photo is : 74.

Anonymous said...

waaa....mcm theory test...masa nak amik lesen..

Ili Shaheera said...

Teeheehee.. maw taw la xD