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Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Lady.

Sorry, no photos captured. I took this from google. xD

6th May - It's Iron lady day! but not all ladies were there.. aww! Woots..!? Iron Lady? what is that? who is she? does she's related to iron man? or she is the biggest fan of iron man? bla3..??? xD
Relax~! Iron Lady is the name of my gang! There were five ladies in this group; Arina, Sheila, Diyana, Farah and me!
We're the best besties in the class! we're always together (most of the time) and we're sat in the same row in the class! xD
sometimes we're the most quite and blured group ever in the class =_=

Eventhough we've finished our schooling in secondary school, we're still keep in touch.
Sadly, one of us went to NATIONAL SERVICE TRAINING for about 3 months.. pity her..

Okay.. so, on 6th May, Arina, Diyana and I went to Queensbay mall! remember? unofficial Iron Lady day xD
We're just hang out and went window shopping.
Ouch! long walk hurts my legs!
I just love to watch movie at Queensbay mall.. but window shopping is okay too..
I was like.. walk3.. talk3.. laugh3.. exhausted3.. xD *dies*

Luckily Diyana brought me to a place that I've never been..
Sea side! infront of the Queensbay mall! not really a big sea.. just fine
We're hang out, enjoying the fresh air and the wind while eating unhealthy food under a tree XD
unhealthy food xD

It's a nice day actually..
Yeah.. I really hope that all ladies in the group will reunited someday..
Iron Lady, go..!

*oops? since when we're using Iron Lady as the name of our nameless group!?
Who recommended that name!?
Why use iron!?
Are we strong enough? xD
Who should we blame!?
*stares at one of the ladies* >w<


ili said...

Iron Ladyyy! *does huga2 dance*

✖ღCuTe..ღ。。ღ雪碧ღ。。,,✖ said...

nice question....!!ya,why is iron??

ili said...

sounds strong.. maybe..

✖ღCuTe..ღ。。ღ雪碧ღ。。,,✖ said...

Strong??!!~ERm...not quite so...<3<3..should call as SUPERLADIES..^^

ili said...

i love ironman! huga3

nina ynaduff said...

hahax...superladies sounds wierd...=P
iron ladies sooo cool...^^
ili..=iron man again n again... =.=

ili said...

let it be~ let it be~ let it be~ *sings*