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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Best Student Awards

S.M.K. Sungai Nibong.
24th July 2010, Saturday.

Awww, my ex-school! 4 years studied at there (2006 - 2009), missed everything so much, sometimes..
I've attended that day for SPM 2009 awards
No proud because I'm not a straight As'student and I even got an E for the failure of searching they key of successness o.O *successness?

Woots, cute diagram isn't it?
As I know, my junior created this
I don't know about her so much
But based on my observations, she's small, a very fair lady, cute, mixed child, everything good about her ( :
Hypothesis is accepted xP
Now, go make a report! xD

Sir Joseph!
In this photo, he's singing "Gila Ponteng" with seniors of 2010
Nice presentation!
Weee~ Love him! My favourite teacher eventhough he didn't teach me any subject :P
He's my teacher advisor for Art Club something like that (:
Things that I like about him
-He can play guitar.
-When he sings, he sounds like a malay guy.
-Nice voice especially when he sings of course XP
-He's 1Malaysia (married to a chinese)
-He tought me how to make Kebab! x3
And many more!

Brilliant! Can't made it to took a perfect photo..
Encik Rusli bin ...?
Can anybody tell me ...? xP
I took this photo after the ceremony was done
To bad I'm late..
Luckily they didn't took off all the alphabet before I could snap a photo.
As a conclusion, the workers, they're fast!

I was not alone that day
Accompanied by my two ex-classmates
Najwa and Shafiq
Shafiq was late, so he didn't receive his certificate on that day
Better luck next time to my camera; can't snap his certificate together xP

Okies, that's all
By the way, I'm so happy to met my teachersss~~~!
I am nobody nobody without them xDDD

MSU Neck Tag

23rd July 2010, Friday.

I don't know how to explain much about this
But I'm so happy to received their neck tag
Actually, they came to my school and gave a talk about Resume
Lucky draw time, as usual; I'll never be chosen as the lucky one *I don't know why and I don't want to know why xP It's all about probability, I think!

But that day, my wish was granted
I kept on saying that I want that neck tag so much
*I was kidding actually and I never hope that i'll get one for myself
But who knows..

Lookie, no touchie! XP

But I was called to came infront with other two guys before I got that neck tag
We were interviewed *as if
I was the first candidate *great!
Can't help myself but shaking =w=
Embarrassing moment I'll forget for sure XP
Hope so..

Heyyy.. What is so important about that neck tag?
Why do I want it so badly?

Treasure Hunt

16 July 2010
Treasure Hunt A.K.A Amazing Race!
This is one of the activities organized by my school for the Thailand's student from Pichai Rattanakhan School, Ranong.
Hope I spelled it correctly!
Btw, I was not there for the real date of Amazing Race; 29th July 2010.
I'm incharged (voluntary) during the rehearsal.. only ( :
To bad can't communicate with those Siamese! xP
My Sixth Former school!
Check point 10! This is Dataran P. Ramlee!
Form one students*
What? Blue's Clues? XP

Luckily I made an eye contact with those Siamese from Phuket.
26th July 2010 - They visited our Library; Kutub Khanah Tunku.
I was there too, practising librarian tasks; Shelving, Key-in data, Wrapping books, Sweeping[?] xP
As a conclusion, They are cute *Both gender* x3

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa

I'm posting about football o.O?
*I don't really watch it*
But, I have a friend that supports Netherlands so much
To me.. Netherlands? Oh.. cool.. ORANGES!!! xD

To bad they're lost to Spain
Red is awesome.. Mostly, all red team will always be the winner
Why..? Red means brave, strong, encourages maybe x3

Btw, I'm so attracted about the Octopus thingy that has become a World Cup sensation.
Paul, the "psychic" octopus with a perfect prediction record!
Paul even decided Spain will win the football World Cup for the first time in their history.

Paul, show me your best shot x3

Uruguayan, Don't grill him please xDDD

"Rawrrrrrrr!" xP

*Bet that my friend is freaking frustrated right now...*
Cool down, It's just a game by the way :)

Plants vs. Zombies

Last month.. I'm so addicted playing this game.
My brother introduced it to me.
At the first place, I hate this game because it made my computer attacked by viruses!

But one thing made me to continue playing this game!
The SONG! "Zombies on Your Lawn"
"You're able to listen to that song only after you finished the game" said my brother.
I was like =w=
It would take ages for me!

Here, some scene that I printed screen : )

-rofl!-.. Educated Zombies!

Final Stage. Die you gigantic Zomba!! xD

Goal Reached! -sings-

Heres, The lyrics!


Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie wa dete ita

(verse 1)
Zombie wa kowai gaikotsu
Hanabira zenbu o toritagaru
Sono ato atama wo tabetagaru
Tadano Himawari
Dakedo watashi wa tsuyoi!
Noumiso ga suki
Zombie wa kirai

(pre-chorus 1)
Softball de asonda yo!
Helmetto wo kabutta zo!
Screen door wo motta zo!
Oretachi Zombie, Zombie, Zombie da!

Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie wa dete ita

(verse 2)
Uraniwa de asobitai
Atama wo taberu no yamenasai
Noumiso niwa cholesterol ga ippai
Shinda node kankei nai kedo
Solar power de tatakau yo
Shokubutsu wo mamoru tame

(pre-chorus 2)
Sono sanrinsha choudai
Atama ni butter ga kuttsui jata
Noumiso taberu zo!
Oretachi Zombie, Zombie, Zombie da!

Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie ga yatte kita
Zombie wa dete ita



The zombies have come
The zombies have left

(verse 1)
A zombie is a scary skeleton (undead creature)
Who wants to bite off all of my petals
And then eat the head
I’m just a sunflower
But I am strong!
You like brains
But we hate zombies

(pre-chorus 1)
I used to play football!
I used to wear a helmet!
I have a screen door! (it sort of means “I’m ready with my screen door!”)
We are the zombies!

(chorus repeat)

(verse 2)
I want to go play in the backyard
Please don’t eat my head
Brains have a lot of cholesterol (this is true… ounce for ounce brains have more cholesterol than virtually any other food)
You’re dead, but it doesn’t really matter
Because we will use this solar power to fight
and to defend the plants

(pre-chorus 2)
Would you please give me your tricycle? (this grammar is similar to how a child would ask for something… like, “hey, give me your favorite toy”… except since a zombie is saying it, it is threatening)
I’ve got butter on my head
I’m gonna eat your brains!
We are the zombies!

(chorus repeat)

Hey... The lyrics were so bad..

I don't think this is the correct lyrics! =w=

*Copied these lyrics from somewhere else in the cyber world* XP

I'm still remember this correct lyrics

"I like your tricycle, There's butter on my head, ...(forgot), We are the undead!" xDDD

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pulau Pinang Day!

July 7 is a Public Holidays in entire Penang in conjunction with the proclamation of George Town as a World Heritage Site!

Okay.. that's all I know about this.

Somehow it makes me feel so proud and grateful to be born here..^^

Go go go~ Pulau Pinang! xD

Sunday, July 4, 2010

First task as a librarian to be.

I was late today.
I went there at the time they've finished all works.
I did nothing.
So, I went to McD with Siew Yin, my besties.
Deepan, my ex-class monitor of 6RC sent us there.
Woohoo.. nice car :D
^ This is him, Deepan.

Here, McD!
I'm so famous today.
Everybody were looking at me. Seriously!
One of the McD's female employee "Adik~ Bertudung hitam, berbaju merah~"
>//< My3.. I forgot to take my French Fries EPIC FAILED AGAIN

Siew Yin's handphone.
As you can see, MJ..
She admires him maybe..
I love his song "You Are Not Alone"

~o~ At the bus stop doing nothing than capturing photos!
Guess! Which one is my shoes? xP
Clue, I don't wear tied shoes =w=
Makes my life even more miserable.
But yeah.. that type of shoes looks cool.

Hey.. =w=
I'm just trying to update my blog!
Thanks for reading x3