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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Best Student Awards

S.M.K. Sungai Nibong.
24th July 2010, Saturday.

Awww, my ex-school! 4 years studied at there (2006 - 2009), missed everything so much, sometimes..
I've attended that day for SPM 2009 awards
No proud because I'm not a straight As'student and I even got an E for the failure of searching they key of successness o.O *successness?

Woots, cute diagram isn't it?
As I know, my junior created this
I don't know about her so much
But based on my observations, she's small, a very fair lady, cute, mixed child, everything good about her ( :
Hypothesis is accepted xP
Now, go make a report! xD

Sir Joseph!
In this photo, he's singing "Gila Ponteng" with seniors of 2010
Nice presentation!
Weee~ Love him! My favourite teacher eventhough he didn't teach me any subject :P
He's my teacher advisor for Art Club something like that (:
Things that I like about him
-He can play guitar.
-When he sings, he sounds like a malay guy.
-Nice voice especially when he sings of course XP
-He's 1Malaysia (married to a chinese)
-He tought me how to make Kebab! x3
And many more!

Brilliant! Can't made it to took a perfect photo..
Encik Rusli bin ...?
Can anybody tell me ...? xP
I took this photo after the ceremony was done
To bad I'm late..
Luckily they didn't took off all the alphabet before I could snap a photo.
As a conclusion, the workers, they're fast!

I was not alone that day
Accompanied by my two ex-classmates
Najwa and Shafiq
Shafiq was late, so he didn't receive his certificate on that day
Better luck next time to my camera; can't snap his certificate together xP

Okies, that's all
By the way, I'm so happy to met my teachersss~~~!
I am nobody nobody without them xDDD


Ili Shaheera said...

SMK Sungai Nibong's song


Dengan semangat waja
Menuju puncak jaya
Belajar dan berusaha
Pastikan berjaya

Berilmu, berdaya maju
Bersatu amalanku
Menjadi insan yang
Cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang

Pabilaku berjaya
Jasamu tak ku lupa
Baktimu kan disanjung
Itulah yang dijunjung
Putera puteri Sungai Nibong

Song : Izwan Izhar B. Haris
Lyrics : Yusri B. Md. Yusoff

Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

widh i have cg macm sir joseph..

Ili Shaheera said...

Really? Aww cool!

Anonymous said...

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ilishaheera said...