. ili: First task as a librarian to be.
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Sunday, July 4, 2010

First task as a librarian to be.

I was late today.
I went there at the time they've finished all works.
I did nothing.
So, I went to McD with Siew Yin, my besties.
Deepan, my ex-class monitor of 6RC sent us there.
Woohoo.. nice car :D
^ This is him, Deepan.

Here, McD!
I'm so famous today.
Everybody were looking at me. Seriously!
One of the McD's female employee "Adik~ Bertudung hitam, berbaju merah~"
>//< My3.. I forgot to take my French Fries EPIC FAILED AGAIN

Siew Yin's handphone.
As you can see, MJ..
She admires him maybe..
I love his song "You Are Not Alone"

~o~ At the bus stop doing nothing than capturing photos!
Guess! Which one is my shoes? xP
Clue, I don't wear tied shoes =w=
Makes my life even more miserable.
But yeah.. that type of shoes looks cool.

Hey.. =w=
I'm just trying to update my blog!
Thanks for reading x3


ili said...

Any comment? None? great xDDD

✖ღCuTe..ღ。。ღ雪碧ღ。。,,✖ said...

i love this...

ili said...

I suka yang adik bertudung hitam berbaju merah tu =w= Felt so famous that time.. Awww.. missed that moment xDDD

Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

suka lagu you're not alone~

Ili Shaheera said...

Tu la.. sayu ja (: