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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shaolin Wushu's AGM

13th August 2010,
Time : 12.ooPM - 1.00PM,
Venue : 4B.

It's an AGM..
Annual General Meeting for Shaolin Wushu 2010/2011.
When I step into the class, I saw lots of Chinese guys
Where's Malay guys?
Where's girls? xD
I saw only 1Indian boy and 1Malay girl(me) xDDD
Others? Chinese girls and guys xD
I felt left out.. Aww Dx
But nvm.. I'm a friend of the Shaolin Wushu's president for the year of 2009/2010 okay?; 'Random Lee!'
Oops? xD
Need not to feel scared anymore (:

Source : SY.
"Hello Sha cyg, i luv u" typed president to me. Oops? Ahahaha! Tak ade laaa..

Source : SY.
This is the new comittee members of Shaolin Wushu for 2010/2011. Can you see/read it? Teeheehee need not to concern so much, my name was not written over there.. Aww xDDD

Source : SY.
Say hello to our new president; Benjamin! He's giving his speech.
-Yawns- Oops? Kidding! xD
-Drolls-* :P

Source : SY.
Zoom in at the middle person.
I met him at my first day at school. He's with other two guys(not those guy in the photo) talked to SY, Qi and me at that day. We were so newbie that time. I called them as a footballers as I can't say their name. I didn't remember actually. xD. Why footballers? Because they love to play football! xD

Did you notice something?
The middle person; footballer..
Looks like somebody
LEE HYUK JAE! or better known by his stage name EUN HYUK!

Source : Google Images.
See? Told you! Same2 isn't it? Teeheehee

Source : Google Images.
"Eunhyuk, is a Korean dancer, rapper, presenter, song writer, and occasional actor. He is a member of the large band Super Junior, in which his position in the group is the lead rapper and one of the four lead dancers. To prevent confusion with famous Korean comedian Lee Hyeok-jae, he decided to use the name 'Eunhyuk', meaning "Silver". He is often called "BEJEWELED" or "the Jewel Guy" because of this choice of stage name and "the Dancing Machine." -Wikipedia.

This one is Lee Hyeok Jae!

Source : Google Images.

But lately, I'm more interested at Yesung..
Why? Because I got two friends that look alike him..^^
Who? They are; Jeff and Aril.
Oops? xD

Source : Google Images.
"Kim Jong-woon (born August 24, 1984), better known by his stage name Yesung, is a Korean pop singer and occasional actor. He is one of the four lead vocalists of the super boy band Super Junior. He was once a radio host for his own radio program, M.I.R.A.C.L.E for You, which ended its broadcast in September 2007. His stage name Yesung (Hanja: 藝聲) is translated to "art-like voice" and is derived from the phrase "예술가의 성대", meaning "vocal chords of an artist." -Wikipedia.

P/S; SY, sorry.. I have to put one of Super Junior members in this post..
So that I can proof that the Footballer really look alike Eun Hyuk!
Oops, not one.. but two.. should be three! Baru cukup syarat! xD
Who's going to be the third one ea? 'You Tube' maybe? xDDD

Yesung's fan;

Shupin Raya

28th August 2010,
Venue : Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex.

Shopping time!
Hari Raya is approaching!

BOSlib annual dinner is around the corner too..
Ouch.. as a dedicated and enthusiastic GMO; General Maintainence Officer,
I, Sha HAVE to worry much things..
xD Such as; decorations of the dinner etc.
Aaa~ I'm not a great leader.. just a good follower >x<

Here, for table deco? Flowers~~
Went to KAMDAR with Ummi!
Bunch of flowers...
Boleh jadi gila o mai sini..

Oops? Shupin rayakah ini?

Shoes anyone? Ahax!

Let's count Malaysian flag.. yays...? Dx
Guess whose car is that?
The one.. that's so patriotic? x3

Btw, shopping made me tired..
Ouch..! my handphone counted that I've walked 8000+ steps
3000 for shopping on Friday..
5000 for Saturday!
Now I still can feel my muscle pain until today...
But it feels so good (:


It's me, Sha! Teeheehee
Gwa kacak
Ada bantahan?

The kacak;

6R3 1st Outing

25th August 2010,
Venue : Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex.

It's 6R3 fun time!
But there just 13 people out of 22 people were joined.
(Five boys; Mukesh, Shahrul, 'Edi Zaki' and RIP. Eight girls; Za, Exaty, Aisya, Aliah, Diana, Has, Mimi and me!)
Yet still we're having so much fun.
We played bowling and breaking fast together.

During the journey to my destination,
I bumped with this car;

Woowee~ It's from Era.fm!

Guess what.. I met my captain went I arrived there.
We went to the bowling location together.. Oops?
Lalalala.. tak ade laaa~
Captain was busy with his Mak la..
Bazar Ramadan kan.. Alaa.. xD

ROCKING time! xD

Attention! "Only bowlers are allowed to enter the bowling area" Teeheehee

There's.. our President and our striker; Shahrul! Oops.. Alert! He's the one with the white tee okies!

Time's up for the boys.. let the girls in! (:

SMAD stands for Sha(It's me!), Mimi, Aliah and Diana. Totally SMART isn't it? (:

My game was great at the beginning but it turned out to be.. ugly after that!
I'm good-for-nothing in this game Dx
Aww.. but.. Mimi and Aliah were a good players..!
They can be a great opponent for Shahrul and RIP maybe (:

Yays! Special shoes for bowlers! x3 So big in size!

Berat nak mampui wa cakap lu.. Ahahaha.. tak ade laaa.. There's different weight.. depends on it's colour.. Idk anything about it at the first place.. so I just picked differ colour for each round xDDD

Boys went pooling right after bowling xP

From the left; RIP & Edi Zaki!

POSING time! xD

Zaki with his red cap.. (Exaty attracted to the red cap! xD Suits her well btw!) Mukesh plak semangGat nak men pool.. Ahahaha xD

Here, our main actors, Edi Zaki! -claps- x3

Phew.. What a game!

Shahrul texting Za. They discussed about the menu we're going to order. Yays! Edi sempat bergaya sebenter. xD

Waiting for the time to break our fast. Mana azan ni.. Aww xD

Edi bergaya laei.. teeheehee.. I saw him twice time wearing that cap.. why? Favourite cap ea..

I ate this.. Iced Tea and Nasi Pattaya.. WOW! So spicy! "Pedash!" said Exaty. Ooowiee~ Cute :3

Ya.. "Sungguh lapar.." said the president when he saw all those crystal clear plates. xDDD

Done eating, we went window shopping for a while. Btw, based on my observation, The best outfit won by; Mukesh!

Nice ea.. it's so STABILO..! "It'll glows at night" said Mukesh. xP

Focus on the one that I've marked with red box!

"Justin Bieber's shoes" said Exaty. WOOHOO! JB~~~ I wove you~~~ x3 The shoes was sold already after I revisited this shop on Saturday, 28th August.. Aww.. I don't want to buy it actually.. just interested at it because JB wears that shoes too xP

Yuppers! That's all.
It was a great day and a great way celebrating our fun time after UP2 xDDD
Yays for 6R3!!!

JB's fan;


23th & 24th August 2010,
Monday & Tuesday.

Yuppers! UP2 is Ujian Prestasi Kedua.

There was a tests..
Five subjects!
Malay language, General studies, Business studies, Economy and MUET..
I studied last minute..

Luckily this is just a test..
If it's an exam..

"I will not do it again, I promise!"

The giggler;

Friday, August 27, 2010


21st August 2010, Saturday.
Venue : My school! x3

Independence day is coming
Thus, my school held an activity that is collage!
Collage?! College?! o.O What?
"A collage (From the French: coller, to glue) is a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole."
I see... ~w~

Students divided to thier own sport's house
Those 8 house I mentioned you earlier

Some students made Collage and the other one is.. Water Rocket! Woohoo!

Nicky the collage boy! Ahahaha, he mixed those Sago with blue colouring. We, Sirajuddiners used Sago and papers in the making of our collage x3 Nicky =w= What's with that face!?

Coloured Hibiscus! Nice isn't it? (: Thanks to Cikgu Honey Hanif, Aisya and Mimi x3

"1MALAYSIA MENJANA TRANSFORMASI"; The theme of 53th Independence Day..^^ Thanks to Has, Mimi and Aisya! They helped much in cutting those papers~ Boys.. help them pweash?

Woots! Almost done ea? Lookie, Cikgu Honey Hanif love to wear that outfit. I saw him wearing it twice (: Okay girls, no more purple, let's move to Choco! Yummies!

EPIC FAILED. I've tried to make a purple Sago but it turned out to be a Blackberry! Too much blue colouring than the red, yes? Teeheehee.. Look carefully.. isn't it look like a grave? R.I.P!

Aisya's goodie bag. Teeheehee! Snapped this because that guy look alike Matt Dallas!

Source : Google Images.
I've told you.. Teeheehee.. Pelanduk dua serupa kot? xP
Aww.. Kyle, Go have a nice shave.. =w=

Stars, Penang Bridge, KOMTAR, hibiscus and 1Malaysia. Purrfecto! Ouch! Poor that tiny yellow man.. suicide, maybe?

'Sufyan Shariffudin' is cleaning up the messed made by us. xP Good boy. He's one of Aisya's die-hard-fan I think.. x3

Presentation time! They're from P.Ramlee. The new captain; Edi Lambert gave his talks xD Siap pegang rotan laei..! nak katoq kepala sapa la tu? xP

The winners will be announce by next Friday; 3rd of September.
I hope it'll be us, Sirajuddin!
*prays hard* xD
Wish us all the besh taw!

The besh;

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shoes owh Shoes~

15 August, Sunday.

Bought this shoes..
Used it for a week at school..
Can't believe that I've wore this type of shoes..

It's hard for me, Okay =w=
Here, enjoy this video..

Oops? Wanna join me?
Jom Karox!

The singer;

Shaolin Wushu

14th August, Saturday.

My friend; SY and I went here;


Objective? Finding the tailor of Wushu's uniform
Epic Failed..
The tailor located somewhere else!
Aww.. 'Random Lee' gave us wrong information
Oops? Random? Lee!?
*Moves randomly*

Infront of the Chin Woo's building.. nice ea..

We'll search for the tailor next month..
At a very special date..
7th September..
Hope we'll made it..
I don't want to wear Rangers uniform..
Someone said that it look alike Pyjamasss xDDD
Plus, I don't have the scarf..

So we went to my mom's office
Opish Ummi! Yayyy~
Lookie, what I've found at the office..

Looks like Habbo.. isn't it? I don't play Habbo actually.. looks boring.. Oops? Sorry Habbo-er! xP
Btw, Can you see that? unidentified fingers.. againnn >w<

That's all..
I still can't believe that I've joined Shaolin Wushu

Source : Google Images.
Better watch out!
Watchaaa! XP
I'll be a dead meat if I do this tricks Dx

The one and only Wushu Malay girl;

Friday, August 20, 2010

Persatuan Bahasa Melayu dan Persuratan

7th August 2010, Saturday.
Venue : Bayan Bay Beach.

Persatuan Bahasa Melayu dan Persuratan in my school held an annual dinner..
Erm.. jamuan la.. xP
Mostly, all lower and upper sixth former of 6A3 and 6R3 was there!

BBQ took a long time.. luckily a great Pizza Hut rider of Aisyah came to save the day from hunger! xD

BBQ-ing xD Awat garu kepala, wahai Shahrul? xD

From the left; Zaki, Edi Lambert and Arif.
Oops? Edi Lambert? Twins of Adam Lambert maybe? Teeheehee.. Look at Zaki.. he reminds me of Adlin Aman Ramli.. seriously! x3 and Arif.. my first impression when I saw him for the first time was; "His name is Zaki ea?" xDDD

This is my BM teacher! Cikgu Hanif! Teeheehee..

I'm scared of him because he was so fierce at the Orientation day "Siapa main-main dalam kelas saya, saya akan halau dia macam saya halau anjing." o.O

-turns to a cat- Now what? xDDD

Btw, he's a good teacher.. yeppers~!

From the left; Mukesha, Zaki, Shahrul, Arif and Edi. Still waiting for the BBQ.. all the best ea.. Teeheehee

Oh noooeees~! A cake! x3 Alert! Only for those Augustian xP Augustian!? o.O Zaki admitted that he's 32nd August boy! xDDD

From the left; Arshad, Edi and Zaki. Arshad, the senior xD

Bersedia atau tidak, pancung saja kek itu! xD

Btw, I realized that.. Edi and Zaki can't be apart even for a second.. Oops? x3 Aww.. cute!

'Edi Zaki' ... nice name ea..^^

Edi Zaki with Cikgu Molisa's sons! Teeheehee

Kids love them so much.. Aww x3


Okies~ That's all
I'm so happy to be part of this group
6R3.. they're great~ friendly~ el cetera~ el cetera~ xP
Senang cakap, yang terbaik la wokkk!

The happy one;