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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6R3 1st Outing

25th August 2010,
Venue : Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex.

It's 6R3 fun time!
But there just 13 people out of 22 people were joined.
(Five boys; Mukesh, Shahrul, 'Edi Zaki' and RIP. Eight girls; Za, Exaty, Aisya, Aliah, Diana, Has, Mimi and me!)
Yet still we're having so much fun.
We played bowling and breaking fast together.

During the journey to my destination,
I bumped with this car;

Woowee~ It's from Era.fm!

Guess what.. I met my captain went I arrived there.
We went to the bowling location together.. Oops?
Lalalala.. tak ade laaa~
Captain was busy with his Mak la..
Bazar Ramadan kan.. Alaa.. xD

ROCKING time! xD

Attention! "Only bowlers are allowed to enter the bowling area" Teeheehee

There's.. our President and our striker; Shahrul! Oops.. Alert! He's the one with the white tee okies!

Time's up for the boys.. let the girls in! (:

SMAD stands for Sha(It's me!), Mimi, Aliah and Diana. Totally SMART isn't it? (:

My game was great at the beginning but it turned out to be.. ugly after that!
I'm good-for-nothing in this game Dx
Aww.. but.. Mimi and Aliah were a good players..!
They can be a great opponent for Shahrul and RIP maybe (:

Yays! Special shoes for bowlers! x3 So big in size!

Berat nak mampui wa cakap lu.. Ahahaha.. tak ade laaa.. There's different weight.. depends on it's colour.. Idk anything about it at the first place.. so I just picked differ colour for each round xDDD

Boys went pooling right after bowling xP

From the left; RIP & Edi Zaki!

POSING time! xD

Zaki with his red cap.. (Exaty attracted to the red cap! xD Suits her well btw!) Mukesh plak semangGat nak men pool.. Ahahaha xD

Here, our main actors, Edi Zaki! -claps- x3

Phew.. What a game!

Shahrul texting Za. They discussed about the menu we're going to order. Yays! Edi sempat bergaya sebenter. xD

Waiting for the time to break our fast. Mana azan ni.. Aww xD

Edi bergaya laei.. teeheehee.. I saw him twice time wearing that cap.. why? Favourite cap ea..

I ate this.. Iced Tea and Nasi Pattaya.. WOW! So spicy! "Pedash!" said Exaty. Ooowiee~ Cute :3

Ya.. "Sungguh lapar.." said the president when he saw all those crystal clear plates. xDDD

Done eating, we went window shopping for a while. Btw, based on my observation, The best outfit won by; Mukesh!

Nice ea.. it's so STABILO..! "It'll glows at night" said Mukesh. xP

Focus on the one that I've marked with red box!

"Justin Bieber's shoes" said Exaty. WOOHOO! JB~~~ I wove you~~~ x3 The shoes was sold already after I revisited this shop on Saturday, 28th August.. Aww.. I don't want to buy it actually.. just interested at it because JB wears that shoes too xP

Yuppers! That's all.
It was a great day and a great way celebrating our fun time after UP2 xDDD
Yays for 6R3!!!

JB's fan;


Ili Shaheera said...

Hoping there will be a 2nd and next 6R3 outing! Yays~!!!

Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

aww..JB shoes..

Ili Shaheera said...

Yuppers! ratusan ringgut aw..!

Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

auu..wish can have one..

Ili Shaheera said...

Teeheehee.. go work for upcoming school breaks okay.. cukup duit poei beli satu ea x3

Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

hehe..kumpul duit raye byk2..

Ili Shaheera said...

=w= Duit raya da pupus xDDD

✖ღLiFe-ღ✖ said...

13 people...WOW..suju...~~
Asia/penang free school suju group..
known as 6R3 group..

Ili Shaheera said...

Maw taw la skit.. gwa Shimdong k.. COPP!xD