. ili: Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Students of 6R3 generated a brilliant transformation for Independence day celebration.
Scroll down and take a look..

Owh-kay.. this is just a part of beautifying the class.. xD Woots! Some photos doesn't related to Independence day.. It's just about the view of every angle in 6R3 x3 Here, it's 6R3's duty rosters and times table. Zoom in~ Saw my name written nicely on the red, pink and blue paper of duty rosters? x3

The arts of mine. Teeheehee.. Zaki inspired me much especially at the pants part.. skinny! xD Look! the shoes! It's the same type of mine x3 Ke mana tumpahnya kuah jika tidak ke nasi kan? Uhuhuk..!

I think it'll be nicer if I colour it.. just I have no time.. Cewah.. sibuk la sangat kononnya.. Bukan apa.. patik tak layan la pertandingan mewarna.. ahahahaha xD Oops.. teringat carta pai dalam PA.. =w= (muka insaf)

'MERDEKA 2010' nice! You sure don't want to know the making of 'MERDEKA 2010' xD We've bullied new papers evily, we've squeezed it, crushed it, hit it, punch! combo kick! etc. etc.! xD "Why did you copied us?" said 6R2. I was like oO (this was the view of my nose that time) "Co-co-copied? As if they created that arts" *_* People~ Jealousy~ Biasa~

Owiiee~ Cutie~ Moving 'ball' that filled with a piece of advice. Mimi worked very hard on this. Yays to her! :3

Back off! We're the hot couples of 2010! Ahahaha! Sincerely, I have to edit(and I did that) this photo because I look so awful at school. I think I've over brightened and bloomed it.. Lalalala~ Girls.. always want to look nice on photo.. NO OBJECTION! xD

Outside view.. if we've made MERDEKA 2010 in the inner side, the out one we've did '1MALAYSIA'. Can't show it.. Too brilliant to be shown.. ahahahaha! xD Oops.. low profile.. low profile! xD

Stars shines everywhere in 6R3. Bunga telur dari majlis-majlis perkahwinan.. sumbangan ikhlas dari Aisya.. x3 You go, girl! xD

Stars curtain. Only available in 6R3. Believe it! Super yays to Mimi, Aisya, Edi Zaki, our Mr. president; Shahrul, Thari and Sangi.

Reading corner. Go straight don't belok-belok. xD This time, yays to the monitor, Wan. He's very tall >w< Good..! He used his heights for good deeds..

'1MAL' Eh.. adakah? xD '1MALAYSIA 1BAHASA'. Aww! I knew it! Yellow will not show itself much on the white walls! T.T. Credits to Mukesh and Edi.

This is where the teachers sat peacefully in the class. Ehehehem.. Dari jauh tampak suci ja lantai.. torai zoom tengok.. xD

Ouch! Meteorite! Run for your lifeee! xD

Stars curtain. Banyak kan.. erm.. bayangkan.. how many star we've made.. around three digits.. or maybe four? Possible2 xD

We even beautify the ceiling! xD Got this idea from my ex-classmate when I was a form five student.

Empty board.. so I've photoshoped it.. xD Answers for economy questions stated in the red box. xD Frankly writing[?], My econs's teacher's handwriting is so nice! Don't need ruler xD

Right side of the whiteboard. Pity the bloody whiteboard x3 Owiiee.. it's crying x3

Let's move to our next classes MASTERPIECE..^^

My captain's class; 6R4 x3 Woowee.. I like~ Betul2 holiau 1Malaysia :3 Cute 3D people~ -kidnaps one of them- xD

6R2. Year 53rd National Day! Pulau Pinang flags.. bangga3.. x3 Oops.. kata 1Malaysia[?] xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Mana maw cari bendera negeri lain der?

Last but not least, waste not, want not.. Aiks? xD 6R1! Woowee~ Collage spirits. Yays!

-prays hard-
Wish us so that victory will be on our side. xD

The Usop Khuntorian;


Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

happy merdeka!

Ili Shaheera said...

Yesza! kali ke-53 tuuu..!

Ili Shaheera said...

Usop Khuntorian.. xD It's actually 'Khuntoria' Nichkhun + Victoria xDDD Khuntoria reminds me of Sontorian.. Usop Sontoriannn xDDD His teeths x3

Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

yea..usop santorian..!!!

wish I am as creative as Sha..huhu..(nada jeles) hehe..

Ili Shaheera said...

Kreatif hat lagu mana tu? Habaq sat, manataw kot2 sha boleh nyanyikan.. xDDD (nada bongkak) xDDD