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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Librarian's Shirt

5th August 2010,
Location : Kutub Khanah Tunku, Penang Free School.

AGM day..
AGM? Annual Generel Meeting eh?
Malay language la easier..
Ada Mesyuarat Agong haritu!
ha, kan sonang gitu.. xP

Lookie, front view of the librarian's shirt! Weee~ Can read the writing or not? It's written "KUTUB KHANAH TUNKU" lew..

Back view of the shirt! Lastly I knew the meaning of "FORTIS ATQUE FIDELIS" It means Strong & Faithful! Yeah.. Fortis sounds like Fort.. Fort is definitely a strong building right? (:

I'm so happy to be chosen as a PFS's librarian x3
*Eventhough the library located far far away xP

Oh yeah, Results for the Workshop day,
Yayyy~ Got 78%
Top three

The happy one;


Ili Shaheera said...

Actually, my name was not listed on the day they published the new librarian list.. I was like o.O and ~o~ and *w* and -__- and >o< and ... that's all.. Lucky, at last I saw my name on the next day xP

✖ღCuTe..ღ。。ღ雪碧ღ。。,,✖ said...

==,..that is after you slightly force asking teng aun..

Ili Shaheera said...

Slighty? Thoroughly laaa xD

Fatin Mardhiyyah said...


Fatin Mardhiyyah said...

Ili..klau ada mase komen kat blog fatin ye..hehe

✖ღCuTe..ღ。。ღ雪碧ღ。。,,✖ said...

Nice try...!!Luckly you are listed..
I'm happy for you!!XD..

Ili Shaheera said...

Fatin, masyeh dan no hal.. stakat komen, huhhh, den pon bollehhh x333

Kaoru, let's happy2 together ea on upcoming librarian's dinner!