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Friday, August 20, 2010

Persatuan Bahasa Melayu dan Persuratan

7th August 2010, Saturday.
Venue : Bayan Bay Beach.

Persatuan Bahasa Melayu dan Persuratan in my school held an annual dinner..
Erm.. jamuan la.. xP
Mostly, all lower and upper sixth former of 6A3 and 6R3 was there!

BBQ took a long time.. luckily a great Pizza Hut rider of Aisyah came to save the day from hunger! xD

BBQ-ing xD Awat garu kepala, wahai Shahrul? xD

From the left; Zaki, Edi Lambert and Arif.
Oops? Edi Lambert? Twins of Adam Lambert maybe? Teeheehee.. Look at Zaki.. he reminds me of Adlin Aman Ramli.. seriously! x3 and Arif.. my first impression when I saw him for the first time was; "His name is Zaki ea?" xDDD

This is my BM teacher! Cikgu Hanif! Teeheehee..

I'm scared of him because he was so fierce at the Orientation day "Siapa main-main dalam kelas saya, saya akan halau dia macam saya halau anjing." o.O

-turns to a cat- Now what? xDDD

Btw, he's a good teacher.. yeppers~!

From the left; Mukesha, Zaki, Shahrul, Arif and Edi. Still waiting for the BBQ.. all the best ea.. Teeheehee

Oh noooeees~! A cake! x3 Alert! Only for those Augustian xP Augustian!? o.O Zaki admitted that he's 32nd August boy! xDDD

From the left; Arshad, Edi and Zaki. Arshad, the senior xD

Bersedia atau tidak, pancung saja kek itu! xD

Btw, I realized that.. Edi and Zaki can't be apart even for a second.. Oops? x3 Aww.. cute!

'Edi Zaki' ... nice name ea..^^

Edi Zaki with Cikgu Molisa's sons! Teeheehee

Kids love them so much.. Aww x3


Okies~ That's all
I'm so happy to be part of this group
6R3.. they're great~ friendly~ el cetera~ el cetera~ xP
Senang cakap, yang terbaik la wokkk!

The happy one;


Ili Shaheera said...
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Ili Shaheera said...

6A3 - Tingkatan 6 atas 3
6R3 - Tingkatan 6 rendah 3

3 ni merujuk kepada kelas sastera; Bahasa Melayu.

Sha dulu kelas 6RC
Kelas sains; Biologi kelas 2.
Ta bley tahan dok 2 minggu kot pastu tukar aliran xD

Alpahbet - science stream.
Number - arts stream.

A - Physics, 2nd class.
B - Physics, 1st class.
C - Biology, 2nd class.
D - Biology, 1st class.

1 - Idk.. there's maths! xD
2 - Accounts.
3 - Malay language.
4 - History/English literature.

✖ღLiFe-ღ✖ said...

WOW..nice..i wish that i were there..

Ili Shaheera said...

You can come actually.. just have to pay la.. Next gathering that doesn't related to you, if I invited you, JUST BEAR WITH IT xD