. ili: September 2010
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eid Mubarak Celebration

7th Heaven

Saturday, September 25, 2010.
SPBT's room.

It was Saturday.
And we're having a school day.
Based on the title, the seven,
Trivia : Only 7 students of 6R3 presented that day!
7.. Love that odd number!!! xD

Who let the cereals nuts here!? xD

Due to less number of students,
Cikgu Hanif invited us to stay at his place..
SPBT room! Books rules!!! xD
Eventhough the room is small, the books still managed to arranged nicely.
Betul-betul holiau! xD

Arif entering the room :D

Taddah~! Here's our monitor; Abang Wan! xD He's a sportsman! A tough guy! Lookie! The books behind him. Told ya~ nice.

Meet the keyboard assistant monitor; Udin! He's quite a quite person. Got me? xD

There.. a Saturday at school gone like that..
Let bygones be bygones..
At least we've done something good deed towards SPBT xD
We make it nicer.

Ultra Seven;

Deko Bersama Ely

Friday, September 24, 2010.
Persatuan Pelajar Islam's room.

Decorating day!
Teeheehee.. Deko bersama Ely xD
It suppose to be Deko bersama Eric!
-sings his song- xD
Lupa lirik sudah, Pak Nil x3

Main objective of deco thingy?
For celebrating Eid Mubarak!
Coming soon!!! :D

The crews' bags.. Which one is mine? :3

I love to draw.
So I sketched something on the board..
Something related to Eid?

What say you? xD

Happy Eid Mubarak to all muslims out there~

Credits to my aunty Mama.. I copied her style of decorating envelope at the wall! Something look alike this.. xD

It took hours to finished the deco..
But the time spent was worth it!
Look what I saw at the school's field when I was walking back home!!!

Foreign's students! Whiteman? xDDD Okies.. football! Go, go, go whitey!!! Eh? xP

The brave and true;

Party of 6R3

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yeah it's a party of us the 6R3!
I forgot whether the 6A3 joined us or not..
Pft! I should not update my blog to late!
I'm a short term memory lost person..

We celebrated our day.. eh?
And for the birthday girls too.. eh?!
Look.. look.. look..
I can't type much..
Can recalls good..

Yummy huh? -wipes your saliva- tahan sikit, tahan sikit! xD

Oh, I thought Mimi and Shu Yi?! Uh oh! Shu Yi! She going to left the school.. so we celebrated her farewell too x3 I'm gonna missed your puppy! ( :

From the left, Arif, Kochi, Shahrul and Zaki.. Zaki alone!? Hey, where's Erdi!? xD

Can't imagine the future risks.. xD

Drawing at the white board.. I prefer paper xD

The 6R3;

Wedding Day

18th September 2010,

I can't remember the place..
Somewhere around the island for sure xD

Whose got married?
Let me recall >.<|||
Aunty Azom's daughter.
Yeah that's it. She's ummi's officemate xD

Blue. Nice huh? -drools- Eh?! xDDD :F

Btw, Aunty Azom's son look alike this one;

Girls, screaming time xD

May the new bride live happily ever after ( :

The bride;

Eh!? xDDD


15th September 2010,
Yana's House & Queensbay Mall

Still in eid mood!
This time is Yana's house!
Here, This is her flat.

Looks creepy. Kinda.. xD

While waiting for her mom to prepare things, Yana and me hang out here. It's raining!

This is the view infront of her house. AWESOME!

I never tired of cookies! Red box! That's my favourite! Attackkk! xD

I was alone. Lia did not yet come.. >.<

No333.. that's not Lia. They're friend of Yana's sister.
The arrrowed one : He really loves to take an epic shot. I was one of that. x.o
The red box : Is he looking at me? Pft! I've tried so hard to snap them but acting like i'm not! xD

Believe your eyes. Majority, that's the visitors' shoes xD

That's the first chapter for today.
The second one? Outing with classmates!!!
I've asked Yana to join but she refused.
She's still one of us...
6R3ians forever!

Not all 6R3ians joined the outing..
Only 5 of them including me D;
Edi Zaki, Exaty, Mi and me.

Cinema mood!

Meet, Erdi. His new name. No more Edi Lambert xD

Upin dan Ipin? Betul.. betul.. betul..!

Zaki's tempting to karox that night. Price is the biggest problem.

Nah, I'm sure one day he'll able to karox infront of all 6R3ians xD
Or even more?

Jujum karox;

My Dearest Dear~

14th September 2010,
Queensbay Mall.

Dear Elly, Yana and me went there! xD
Missed Dear so much.
Eventhough we didn't message and meet much after done schooling,
You're always in my mind and heart ( :

Walid sent me there..
Argh.. Motorcycle!
Rosak tudung den xD

Control macho!

IDK her. She just sat next to us. Suddenly. If I was her.. I'll rather stand.. Can't she see? three people is enough on the bench.. but it's okay.. Let her read peacefully..

Inside the cinema. We're the first 5 to came in I think.

Done with the movie,
We went to the bean..
Mr. Bean?!.. xD

My main point; See the arrow. That's a mini album of my Dear with his loved one. Aww ( :

Back to the Bean..

Pft! It's another Bean! xDDD

Rowan Atkinson's fan;

Now, that is RAYA!

13rd September 2010,
2PM - 7PM,
Veneu : Sheila's house, Dear Elly' house,
Lin's house & Lia's neighbour's house xDDD

Maka tersebutlah kisah..

Jujum beraya sakan! xD
Today went to Sheila's house.
Her mom is so sporting.
Her mom is my mom too.
Back off! xD

Look what she've made for me! xDDD

Red box; Kuih Bangkit. Great! Tersembur, tersedak den mamam ini.

Owwiee.. how cute! -Noms..noms..noms!!!-

Attention, Sheila's now owned by me. Look at her ring! Mahai, okay?

Farah, Yana and me ish late!
Let's go to the next house!
Strawberry Shortcake! xDDD

Dear Elly made this. As I remember. As fine as her ( : ilysm!

Next destination?

I saw this while walking to her house

It was a handwriting. Seriously, NICE!

The cookies. Tasted it all. It's a must xD

Her neighbour's fish. Pft! It really loves to head banging. Passion on metal music maybe.

Lia's house was our last place to visit xD

Argh! Cookies again! Seranggg! xD

The playground.

Not long after that, We sent Yana to the playground.
Her dad will be waiting over there.
Sambil menyelam, minum ayaq!
Apo laei? Maennn! xD Hik.. hik!

Pity you, Jokers. Being left on the road. Find a better job next time.

Lia's neighbour called her to come in.
Me "Lia.." -shiny eyes-
Lia "If I go, you go"
True friend effect! xD

Who wonders.. this was the truely last destination xD

Cookies again? She's so famous! xD

The main dish, yums me! XD

Cookies hunter;