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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


15th September 2010,
Yana's House & Queensbay Mall

Still in eid mood!
This time is Yana's house!
Here, This is her flat.

Looks creepy. Kinda.. xD

While waiting for her mom to prepare things, Yana and me hang out here. It's raining!

This is the view infront of her house. AWESOME!

I never tired of cookies! Red box! That's my favourite! Attackkk! xD

I was alone. Lia did not yet come.. >.<

No333.. that's not Lia. They're friend of Yana's sister.
The arrrowed one : He really loves to take an epic shot. I was one of that. x.o
The red box : Is he looking at me? Pft! I've tried so hard to snap them but acting like i'm not! xD

Believe your eyes. Majority, that's the visitors' shoes xD

That's the first chapter for today.
The second one? Outing with classmates!!!
I've asked Yana to join but she refused.
She's still one of us...
6R3ians forever!

Not all 6R3ians joined the outing..
Only 5 of them including me D;
Edi Zaki, Exaty, Mi and me.

Cinema mood!

Meet, Erdi. His new name. No more Edi Lambert xD

Upin dan Ipin? Betul.. betul.. betul..!

Zaki's tempting to karox that night. Price is the biggest problem.

Nah, I'm sure one day he'll able to karox infront of all 6R3ians xD
Or even more?

Jujum karox;


haNnmEan said...

sekolah ke nie? ermm..

Ili Shaheera said...

Flat ler.. kawan Sha dok sini ( :