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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BOSLIB Annual Dinner 2010

4th September 2010,
Venue : Kutub Khanah Tunku, PFS.

The fingers always welcomes everybody xP

The hair amazed librarians that night. xP

Last practise inside Vivian's car. Ooi is so excited to sing!

The IT Officer. I wished to be Assistant IT Officer. Why? The short form is AITO. Sounds cute, aite?

The teacher advisor playing his post. He's giving advices. xP

The food. Yummies?

Halal certification. Yummies!

The ABC. Banzaiii!

The head librarians of 2008-2009. I supposed. He's friendly!!!

When the Ds' working as one. Let's get the job Done!

The prizes at the open area. -Kidnaps- xP

The head librarian 2010-2011. I still remember his hairstyle when he was in primary school xD People changes. The hair too. xD

The left person. He interviewed me. I'll remember you ( :

Arif. My ex-classmate ( : I missed biology class. The people. Not the subjects!

Magicman! "Kame hame ha!" xD

The singer. Good voice. But not my taste. Oopsie? Good than me btw.

The game. Pops the balloon! Am I a balloon? I felt like popped that night. xD

The donkey. As if we're the blind stealer that realized our sin and trying to return it's tail.

His done the repent I think. xD He's so happy! Look! -Focus the green one- xDDD

That night..

The happy one;

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