. ili: The Making of BOSLIB Annual Dinner 2010
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Making of BOSLIB Annual Dinner 2010

First three September,
Most of the librarians was busied at the library.
They do decorating stuffs etc.
I'm one of 'they'.
Here, photos of our efforts!
What's gonna work?
T E A M W O R K !!! XDDD

Oh my my! Stars! Let's make a wish! xD

Cutting alphabet proccess; D O N E ! Congratificatilationalism Vivian and Chansy!

Red Box : That's my note pad! Okay those blue chairs is N O T my thinking chairs! xD

Oh, my white rabbit! Aummmmmmmm! xDDD He's practising group one presentation; S I N G I N G ! I'm counted in to. -sings- Suddenly, BOSLIB Building collapsed. The end for the white rabbit and me. :P

Past years souvenir.. W O W !

Coordinating words!

Invitations cards. Balinee and Meena worked so hard on this. Arrow : My patriotic movable fan! xD

Claps! That's our Head Librarian; Lee Teuk. Eh!? Woohoooooooooo xD

How's it? :P

Intellectual beings doing her experiment onto flowers. Results? The flowers wilted.. Aww.. W H Y ? Y^Y

They actually didn't wilt! Wooweeee~ Hypothesis is accepted! Eh? Tiba-tiba =w=

Pengy Pengy Pengy~~~ Readers, go reply his winks! witwiiit~ xD

I've found this 3D specs at the library. Woowee.. I can see you~ Lalalalalalala~~~ Scared enough, huh? :P Lookie, my manly hand!

Funders' names listed on the board. Can you read them? N O. My Sunshine bag. Can you see it? N O? -calls doctor-

Thina.. worked F I V E years for BOSLIB! -clapsss!-

Aww.. shweet kitty kitty kitty!

Unidentified fingers trying to kidnap those prizesss! It managed to show some peace first.. greats.. xDDD

The GMO;


haNnmEan said...

apakah itu BOsliB?

Ili Shaheera said...

Board Of Students LIBrarian

Ili Shaheera said...

Just updated this post on 1st Novie. I'm such a lazy blogger ever. :P