. ili: November 2010
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Round Island

Time : 11AM - 4PM.
Venue : Around KOMTAR

Perangin Mall
Okies.. I've waited for Chansy at the McD's ice cream stall
I'm so scared.. but i'm already 18 years old..
Acted like I was so cool and did't fear anything
Buat muka kering ..
After I've dried all my face, Chansy came xD

1st Avenue
Chansy and me went there at the first place
It's still empty.. it's new.. so fresh.. so baby!
Queensbay rules! But something amazed me about 1st Avenue..
The escalator!!! So creative and wow..
Go there and you'll know!

Back to Perangin
We straight up to the cinema
Chatay Cineplexes.. IDK how to describe..
3 words; Congratulations, GSC Cinema! xDDD
Woots e.e That tall spectacles guy.. He's from my school..
I know him.. wow.. what a small world..
It's Pulau Pinang btw.. forgot about that :P

Saturday, November 27, 2010


That's the half title of my public room's name! YAYS!
iBayanBay|Pulau Pinang|Malaysia
Why iBayanBay?
Because i'm a Penang girl
Promoting element xP
I went to Bayan Bay twice as I remember..

Lalalalater~ xP

FE Results

Time : 10AM.
Veneu : Penang Free School.

FE.. Final Exam..
Nahaiii.. taking my results at the office
The school was so quite..
I thought there are SPM and STPM examinations being on?

At the office.
Ding dong!
A staff came to me. A lady.
Idk how to start the conversation.
She was like e.e "What do you want from me?"
I was speechless
"I want.. the.. results.. the slip.. th-th-the final exam.. the"
The lady kinda sighs "Class?"
I was like.. Woots! she know what I'm trying to tell her "6R3"
She took a file contained lots of slip "I/C"
Woots? She want my IC? -gives IC-
She took out my slip and hand me a paper. A list of 6R3ians. "Sign besides your name"
I just quite and obey her. Fine, as you wish!

So, I got the slip, time to go back!

The F;

Friday, November 26, 2010

Unstoppable 6R3

Time : 12.30PM - 6PM.
Veneu : Queensbay Mall.

Unstoppable..? Grabbed my title of the post today? xD
Yuppers! 6R3 will always be together eventhough it's holidays!
This time, 12 students of 6R3 participated for today's activity :P
The handsome : Mukesh, Shahrul, Edi Zaki and Udin.
Pretty always : Exaty, Za, Kak Leha, Aliah, Gita, Aisya and me.. xP Pretty ea? Ehem3
Cakap ensem kang laen pulak bunyinya..

Later! xD

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What's gonna work?

T E A M W O R K !!!
I'll continue about 'work' later

I lost my passport!

Teehee.. nah.. I don't even have a passport.. :P

I'll post about this passport thingy later.. xDDD As usul :P

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ladies still alive!

Time : 2PM.
Veneu : Queensbay Mall.

Iron Lady strikes again.
Aww! Striked by Diyana, Farah and Me only D;
Sheila and Arina absent, teacher! *dimerits 12!* xD

We didn't do much thing.
Just have a long chit chat.
It's a MUST! We're girls anyway xD
I'm happy that they have their own great life :D

Look at the time, it's 4PM!
We've moved to Arena Food Court!
Thanks, Pak Lang and Pauziah!
We've walked long and the results?
Both of you still happily ever after enjoying Eid at he village maybe xP
Don't make me jealous! Y^Y
It's been ages I didn't went back to village o.O///

Food Court.. I saw it many times..
But only today I bought food from there
Hey333, it's my first experience here...
Dozo Yoroshiku! xD Thanks to Farah..
I ordered Burger Oblong; Beef. RM7.90 okay?, including the Tex!
Then I took out my purse and money
Farah was like o.O "I-I-Ili, put back your money! We're not paying it here"
And I was like >///< "What? Why?" *looks around, rolls eyes*
Then the stall owner was like e.e *gives receipt* "Plese pay over there" *points the counter*
Dear333! It's my first time anyway!
Once bitten twice shy! xDDD

Okay, time to window shopping! xDDD
Let Diyana be the leader today xD
Okay, we've visited to girly shops..
It's okay, I'm a girl though.. xD
I'm wondering; when will I put on make up when I go outing? =w=
Bzzt! Never! xD Natural beauty is the best xD
But there is better than the best!

I wish to outing with all members of Iron Lady..
Hey.. I missed our past time together at the school..
We're getting older and far apart..
:D It's a sad story isn't it?

The misser;

Monday, November 15, 2010


It's about BBQ. Later :P

Sunday, November 14, 2010


IMVU! WTIMVU?! It's Instant Messaging Virtual Universe
Woots! And I thought it was I am with you.
Or maybe IMVU > IVMU > IV3U > I<3U < I love you.
IMVU has been available since April 2, 2004
Okay.. I was taking UPSR on that year..
I've joined IMVU on 2008.. but I've started addicted to it on 2010 xD


Saturday, November 13, 2010


-Googie images

"Too many requests are coming from your computer at once. Take a deep breath, relax, and reload the page."

My lappy screen showed that when I click a tab many times at once xDDD
Commonly I saw; Error 404 "Page not found" something like that
But right now, it's different and..

"Take a deep breath" xDDD
Wow, I look problematic xD

The rusher;

*ROFL - Rolls on floor laughing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lovable Yesung

This is my 10th post for this month!
10th post on 10th November in the year of 2010.
Woohoo~! Luckily I didn't post about Ben 10 =w=
I don't watch that! Boo! ;3

Here, photos of lovable Yesung!
You'll scream and die because having Pharyngitis, people!
He's really cute :3

This photo looks old.. but Yesung is still cute xD

o.O Okay3, they're just whispering.. I hope so.. xD

Imagine that Dong Hae is me.. WOOHOO >o<

Body builder. Do focus the middle guy ONLY xD

Who kissed Yesung's T-Shirt!? Saia la tu xDDD Saia na.. S A I A

I'm so Dilemma.. Yesung or Eun Hyuk? xDDD Kononnya!

Click this photo! It's so BIG!

Uh oh.. o.O .. O.O -Put Eye Mo- xD

Wow.. Yesung's hair is so short xDDD

Loved by Yesung;

Uhukkkkkkkhuk! xD

Birthday Trip

Time : Around 10AM - 2.30PM.
Venue : Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang.
Party planner : BOSLibs Organization. xD

We've went to two places.
1st - Perpustakaan Perbadanan Awam. The HQ of all library in Pulau Pinang. Wow!

2nd - Shopping time! SUNWAY CARNIVAL MALL!! Woohoo!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh my baby, Raito!

Tadaaaaaa~ That's my Raito!!!

Awww~ I adopted him at Squiby;


"Squiby is a free online hatching game.
Squiby has all sorts of creatures and eggs.
The most unique thing about Squiby is you can draw your own creature/egg and share it." -squidoo

That time he was in the egg stage.

In the first place, Raito's name was Starlight.
Lookiesss~ Aww cute isn't it? (The one that being boxed) xDDD
The first time I saw him, I've chose him to be my baby among the others cute thingy!
Awwww (x

I've never knew that Raito will hatched one day!
And the day has come!
It's today! It's today! Two days ahead of my birthday!
Oopsie? (A hint for you, YAYS!) XDDDD

Raito, you're my one little handsome boy!
Mama loves you!
Papa too!
Do you think it's the second hint?
*Takes out note pad and sitting on thinking chair*
We've got the Clues! Now, where's my Blue? :P

The Mama;

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wushu Annual Dinner

Time : Around 6PM.
Veneu : Around Kutub Khanah Tunku, PFS.

Chansy! I'm so lost without you Y^Y
I was like "Now I know how's foreigners' feels"
But deep in my heart, I was lucky that they still tried to talk to me.
Thanks, sometimes I'm shy :P
Am I right, Dear?
Oopsie? :P

Games; eveything that contains water.
Ouchs! *moves away*
Don't look at me, I'm so hot. Eh, dry*
And I like the way I am.
Wet me never! :P
Okay? P maen jauh2, p! xD

Eventually, it's BBQing time.
I'll not join.
My main point to attend this activity?
Shows my self up because I didn't bother the past Wushu's activities.
It's not like ignoring, it's like;
Eg; 3PM; Wushu's training. I came late 3.29PM. *enters hall*
The moment I entered the hall, Wushuers make their last step of training.
Me "Great, yays me!" xDDD

There was a cake for seniors.
Sweet. Candle lighted up.
*Seniors made a wish for their STPM*
I was like "May those As' be with you, Amin"

Yeah, that's it.
I really wish I can speak Chinese.
Aiks! Something make me happy.
Idk why, eventhough they're talking in Chinese,
I still manage to understands them.
Maybe with the help of their gestures.
Actions speak louder than words!
Ahahahahaha xD

The Alien;

Hands up!

Time : Around 3PM.
Location : Police territory!!!
(That's why I typed HANDS UP! I was like o.O when I saw a guard with gun at the main entrance)
Me "I-I-I want to-to-to.. er, wed-wed-wedding.. my friend.. the-the-the"
Guard smiles and *nods* < It's a green light for me to pass through I guess. xD

Slurp! Yummy!

What a gweat colours! Nice choice, Mi :D xD

Somewhere near the hall.. Look nice in my eyes :3

Yeah, I went to a wedding ceremony of Za's big brother with friends.
Woots! Missed you Za with your dolly faces!
Hope you'll get better soon.. you better be! because school almost come to the end and YAYS! We're a upper Sixth Former next year! =w=

Everything was nice.
Oh! I saw an uncle who resembles to our late Din Beramboi!
Oh my3! Can't stop looking at him! I was like e.e *focusing*

I mish your voice and those jokes Y^Y

One thing make me sad.
I don't dare to snap the Pelamin. Aww! It look so yummy; Short bread look!

-Saliva drools- xD

Oh my, It's a B I G cake o.O :D'

I want one! Aww.. 10th Novie passed already Y^Y

Okay, I look so hungry. Why? xD

This time, the girls of 6R3; Mimi, Has, Aliah and me splited with those boys; Edi Zaki, and I don't know whose after them xP

After done eating? Shopping time!
Oh my3! Where? Perangin!

Tadaaah~~~ :D

Pity Mimi; she lost her precious purplish pencil box!
Guess what? four girls went to a mall by wearing Baju Kurung.
Aww, shweet isn't it?
My conclusion; there'll be no a glimse of look at us. Always twice!
Oit perasan! xD

No.. nobody look at us like this xDDD So glad! xD

Phew, what a day!
I really loves to hang out with my friends.
Hope next year, I can lessen my outing time a bit.

The future STPMer;