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Saturday, November 27, 2010

FE Results

Time : 10AM.
Veneu : Penang Free School.

FE.. Final Exam..
Nahaiii.. taking my results at the office
The school was so quite..
I thought there are SPM and STPM examinations being on?

At the office.
Ding dong!
A staff came to me. A lady.
Idk how to start the conversation.
She was like e.e "What do you want from me?"
I was speechless
"I want.. the.. results.. the slip.. th-th-the final exam.. the"
The lady kinda sighs "Class?"
I was like.. Woots! she know what I'm trying to tell her "6R3"
She took a file contained lots of slip "I/C"
Woots? She want my IC? -gives IC-
She took out my slip and hand me a paper. A list of 6R3ians. "Sign besides your name"
I just quite and obey her. Fine, as you wish!

So, I got the slip, time to go back!

The F;

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