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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hands up!

Time : Around 3PM.
Location : Police territory!!!
(That's why I typed HANDS UP! I was like o.O when I saw a guard with gun at the main entrance)
Me "I-I-I want to-to-to.. er, wed-wed-wedding.. my friend.. the-the-the"
Guard smiles and *nods* < It's a green light for me to pass through I guess. xD

Slurp! Yummy!

What a gweat colours! Nice choice, Mi :D xD

Somewhere near the hall.. Look nice in my eyes :3

Yeah, I went to a wedding ceremony of Za's big brother with friends.
Woots! Missed you Za with your dolly faces!
Hope you'll get better soon.. you better be! because school almost come to the end and YAYS! We're a upper Sixth Former next year! =w=

Everything was nice.
Oh! I saw an uncle who resembles to our late Din Beramboi!
Oh my3! Can't stop looking at him! I was like e.e *focusing*

I mish your voice and those jokes Y^Y

One thing make me sad.
I don't dare to snap the Pelamin. Aww! It look so yummy; Short bread look!

-Saliva drools- xD

Oh my, It's a B I G cake o.O :D'

I want one! Aww.. 10th Novie passed already Y^Y

Okay, I look so hungry. Why? xD

This time, the girls of 6R3; Mimi, Has, Aliah and me splited with those boys; Edi Zaki, and I don't know whose after them xP

After done eating? Shopping time!
Oh my3! Where? Perangin!

Tadaaah~~~ :D

Pity Mimi; she lost her precious purplish pencil box!
Guess what? four girls went to a mall by wearing Baju Kurung.
Aww, shweet isn't it?
My conclusion; there'll be no a glimse of look at us. Always twice!
Oit perasan! xD

No.. nobody look at us like this xDDD So glad! xD

Phew, what a day!
I really loves to hang out with my friends.
Hope next year, I can lessen my outing time a bit.

The future STPMer;

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