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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ladies still alive!

Time : 2PM.
Veneu : Queensbay Mall.

Iron Lady strikes again.
Aww! Striked by Diyana, Farah and Me only D;
Sheila and Arina absent, teacher! *dimerits 12!* xD

We didn't do much thing.
Just have a long chit chat.
It's a MUST! We're girls anyway xD
I'm happy that they have their own great life :D

Look at the time, it's 4PM!
We've moved to Arena Food Court!
Thanks, Pak Lang and Pauziah!
We've walked long and the results?
Both of you still happily ever after enjoying Eid at he village maybe xP
Don't make me jealous! Y^Y
It's been ages I didn't went back to village o.O///

Food Court.. I saw it many times..
But only today I bought food from there
Hey333, it's my first experience here...
Dozo Yoroshiku! xD Thanks to Farah..
I ordered Burger Oblong; Beef. RM7.90 okay?, including the Tex!
Then I took out my purse and money
Farah was like o.O "I-I-Ili, put back your money! We're not paying it here"
And I was like >///< "What? Why?" *looks around, rolls eyes*
Then the stall owner was like e.e *gives receipt* "Plese pay over there" *points the counter*
Dear333! It's my first time anyway!
Once bitten twice shy! xDDD

Okay, time to window shopping! xDDD
Let Diyana be the leader today xD
Okay, we've visited to girly shops..
It's okay, I'm a girl though.. xD
I'm wondering; when will I put on make up when I go outing? =w=
Bzzt! Never! xD Natural beauty is the best xD
But there is better than the best!

I wish to outing with all members of Iron Lady..
Hey.. I missed our past time together at the school..
We're getting older and far apart..
:D It's a sad story isn't it?

The misser;

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