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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lovable Yesung

This is my 10th post for this month!
10th post on 10th November in the year of 2010.
Woohoo~! Luckily I didn't post about Ben 10 =w=
I don't watch that! Boo! ;3

Here, photos of lovable Yesung!
You'll scream and die because having Pharyngitis, people!
He's really cute :3

This photo looks old.. but Yesung is still cute xD

o.O Okay3, they're just whispering.. I hope so.. xD

Imagine that Dong Hae is me.. WOOHOO >o<

Body builder. Do focus the middle guy ONLY xD

Who kissed Yesung's T-Shirt!? Saia la tu xDDD Saia na.. S A I A

I'm so Dilemma.. Yesung or Eun Hyuk? xDDD Kononnya!

Click this photo! It's so BIG!

Uh oh.. o.O .. O.O -Put Eye Mo- xD

Wow.. Yesung's hair is so short xDDD

Loved by Yesung;

Uhukkkkkkkhuk! xD


bia said...

yezung é tao lindoooooooooo!!!! my love hehe ^-^

ilishaheera said...


i love yesung said...

kak, comelnya...jelesnya orang...