. ili: Oh my baby, Raito!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh my baby, Raito!

Tadaaaaaa~ That's my Raito!!!

Awww~ I adopted him at Squiby;


"Squiby is a free online hatching game.
Squiby has all sorts of creatures and eggs.
The most unique thing about Squiby is you can draw your own creature/egg and share it." -squidoo

That time he was in the egg stage.

In the first place, Raito's name was Starlight.
Lookiesss~ Aww cute isn't it? (The one that being boxed) xDDD
The first time I saw him, I've chose him to be my baby among the others cute thingy!
Awwww (x

I've never knew that Raito will hatched one day!
And the day has come!
It's today! It's today! Two days ahead of my birthday!
Oopsie? (A hint for you, YAYS!) XDDDD

Raito, you're my one little handsome boy!
Mama loves you!
Papa too!
Do you think it's the second hint?
*Takes out note pad and sitting on thinking chair*
We've got the Clues! Now, where's my Blue? :P

The Mama;


Chansy said...

that is not a hint..(for me..)..I DONT KNOW ABOUT IT..hehex..

Ili Shaheera said...

Really? We'll settle it down at school tomorrow. Set! Brace yourself! xDDD