. ili: Wushu Annual Dinner
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wushu Annual Dinner

Time : Around 6PM.
Veneu : Around Kutub Khanah Tunku, PFS.

Chansy! I'm so lost without you Y^Y
I was like "Now I know how's foreigners' feels"
But deep in my heart, I was lucky that they still tried to talk to me.
Thanks, sometimes I'm shy :P
Am I right, Dear?
Oopsie? :P

Games; eveything that contains water.
Ouchs! *moves away*
Don't look at me, I'm so hot. Eh, dry*
And I like the way I am.
Wet me never! :P
Okay? P maen jauh2, p! xD

Eventually, it's BBQing time.
I'll not join.
My main point to attend this activity?
Shows my self up because I didn't bother the past Wushu's activities.
It's not like ignoring, it's like;
Eg; 3PM; Wushu's training. I came late 3.29PM. *enters hall*
The moment I entered the hall, Wushuers make their last step of training.
Me "Great, yays me!" xDDD

There was a cake for seniors.
Sweet. Candle lighted up.
*Seniors made a wish for their STPM*
I was like "May those As' be with you, Amin"

Yeah, that's it.
I really wish I can speak Chinese.
Aiks! Something make me happy.
Idk why, eventhough they're talking in Chinese,
I still manage to understands them.
Maybe with the help of their gestures.
Actions speak louder than words!
Ahahahahaha xD

The Alien;


Chansy said...

1.The word shy does not function in here..and yet your dear cant prove this at here too..hoho..
2.Dont try too learnt chinese..that is what we call.."CARI BATU HENTAK KAT KAKI SENDIRI"...but you can imagine about it..
3.You late'd' for half an hour not 29 min..is different alot..
4.BBQ..BBQ party always play water..cant they bored about that??what can they do about that..because bbq party is fun playing water..you should get wet..
5.You NOW are member for wushu..you should not think like that..I'll be there for you but if i not so,i will be your sokongan mentally..

Ili Shaheera said...

Hey my supportive critisize! YAYS YOU XD
1. I'm a shy girl, Boo!
2. I wanna learn chinese!!!
3. Same what.. still late xDDD
4. I'm so hot! Should be dry always! xD
5. Mental only? physical? D; Aww!

Chansy said...

1.where does "shy" word function here??(wonder"ING"..)
2.Chinese....Welcome..if you really want to learnt..But for me..i hate chinese most among the languages...Its really hard even though i'm chinese...
3.Hot??Hot has two meaning...which one you refer to??HOHO...
4.yes mental only..because...just support you in mentally make me tired oredy..so no more for physically...
Wow...long long long comment...make my finger tired..hehex..

Ili Shaheera said...

1. Idk how to start communicating with them, so, I'm shy. Conclusion; The word function-ed xD
2. Toi a? Ah bo then? xDDDDD
3. I prefer both of them. I'm greedy. xD
4. P maen jauh2 p! xD

Chansy said...

sometimes im really dont understand what are you trying to tell me??!!Im not malay..plz dont talk to "DEEP"..heix..kesian la sat kat i..

Ili Shaheera said...

Teeheehee Kita settle kat sekolah nanti ea. -pakai baju Wushu- Ada bran? xD

Chansy said...

weird??!!Am i missing something or you talking another topic??

Ili Shaheera said...