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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Pfft! Tired thinking about job.
Maybe it's not the time yet for me to work.
Oh my.. am I given up already? o.O
Akira Menaiii!
I think I'm almost get the job at Pesta Pulau Pinang
But I didn't answered their call.. I was sleeping happily!

2nd December, 9AM, 7 Eleven.
Buat muka kering lagik.
Me "Any vacancy here?"
Staff "..." She looked at my hands - holding 7e form. "Filled up already?"
Me "Yeap"
Staff "Follow me"
Me o.O "No333.. I used Sunsilk" xDDD *Bzzt! Talked to myself*
So I followed her and confronted thier Supervisor.. Woots!

It's a sad thing I can't work there..
Part-time at least I have to work for 3 months..
But I left only 1 month before schools start again D;
Supervisor "Better luck next year ( : "
Me >.< "Oke doke"

That's all..
Sedih kan?

cyg mizz n tira;


Chansy said...

I wonder why my mouse always hilang when i open ur blog??
Can u explain that??!!Weird rite??!!
Hei...doakan for me...hope that i can get the job from tesco extra..!!
still wan to work??
here have tip..
next time just say that you want to work until end of january..(someone teach me that)
But always work to me??!!dont know for you!!

Ili Shaheera said...

Tak nak kerja dah! Putus sahabat! Eh, putus harapan!* xDDD I prefer stay at home and daydreaming all the time? Wanna join the crew? xD

My blog is heavy.. I see.. Y^Y

Pengiran Nazrin said...

ala buat apa nak kerja? haha. cuba la kerja dkt restoran ke apa hehe. jadi waitress

Jerung Tempang said...

alaa dok umah diam2. enjoy cuti puas2. haha