. ili: xXWaxYXx insulting Islam part 2
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Friday, December 31, 2010

xXWaxYXx insulting Islam part 2

xXWaxYXx: =
xXWaxYXx: bitch

ilishaheera: "Chinese President Zhao Fei Wen walked into the sentence, he recorded a hill side twenty Ju Mao deep joy at the door of wood into the water tank on the angle of the sun rays trillion"
xXWaxYXx: ass
xXWaxYXx: whore
xXWaxYXx: 兩莎洛 光豃活
ilishaheera: o.O
xCoOki3moNx: what? i don't need ur ceritfication for that
Guest_sakurassii: Father of light recorded in the mountains hook knife Sheng chen is a water-free to go see the parent birds have been fighting Huan Chuang
Guest_malinapeach has joined the chat
Guest_sakurassii: where are you copying that from?
ilishaheera: Me, Saku?
xXWaxYXx: copeing w
ilishaheera: Not a google translator
xXWaxYXx: what?
Guest_sakurassii: No Max
ilishaheera: Never used that

Guest_sakurassii: That text
xXWaxYXx: im nto copeing it -_-"

Guest_sakurassii: Oh.
xXWaxYXx: 取水
xXWaxYXx: i told you
xCoOki3moNx: ckp bi x phm
xXWaxYXx: goodl can’t translate it

xXWaxYXx: its kinda like a mixed chinese

ilishaheera: I used translate.refrence.com
ilishaheera: It can

Guest_sakurassii: How did you translate it, Ili?
xXWaxYXx: u still can;t trabslate<。<
xXWaxYXx: dummy

ilishaheera: I did?

Is he blind? I did translated it.. boo!

Guest_sakurassii: Fine..
Guest_sakurassii: <.<
ilishaheera: Proof
Guest_sakurassii: I tought you did
ilishaheera: http://translate.reference.com/translate?query=%3A+%E5%85%86%E4%B8%AD%E5%BC%8F%E7%B5%B1%E3%80%80%E6%88%90%E3%80%80%E5%8F%A5%E6%BA%AB%E8%8F%B2%E3%80%80%E8%B5%B0%E4%BB%96%E3%80%80%E5%81%B4%E9%8C%84%E3%80%80%E5%B1%B1%E5%9D%A1%E5%BB%BF%E5%B2%A0%E6%B7%B1%E3%80%80%E6%AD%A1%E3%80%80%E7%A6%AE%E3%80%80%E9%96%80%E6%9C%A8%E8%8C%82%E6%B0%B4%E6%A7%BD%E5%B0%8D%E8%A7%92%E3%80%80%E6%88%90%E3%80%80%E6%99%92%E5%85%89%E7%89%87%E3%80%80%E5%85%86%E4%B8%AD&src=zh-CN&dst=en&v=1.0
ilishaheera: Sorry
ilishaheera: Spam

Guest_sakurassii: But I did translate it

xXWaxYXx: -_-"

Guest_sakurassii: 我喜欢奶酪

xXWaxYXx: somethign might come out
xXWaxYXx: but i didn’t really sed it

He got a junk pc too.. I see..

xXWaxYXx: 神食海岱 >。>

xXWaxYXx: 昨日營廢除 

Guest_sakurassii: Fresh Haidai God?
Guest_sakurassii: o-o
xXWaxYXx: rofl no
ilishaheera: -Pokes eyes-
ilishaheera: Duduk Jaja
Guest_sakurassii: xD
xCoOki3moNx: 4 languages
xXWaxYXx: lmfao
xCoOki3moNx: nk dduk kt ne?
: Sebelah sha
xXWaxYXx: i sed
xCoOki3moNx: x jumpa button
xXWaxYXx: i heart you as a friend
xXWaxYXx: for now :p
ilishaheera: Tak dekat sangat kedudukan.. tadi Arg duduk
Guest_sakurassii: Aws, that's nice.
ilishaheera: I'm sorry.. Maxy is talking too Saku
Guest_sakurassii: Translate google is very messed up
xCoOki3moNx: nk dkt2
ilishaheera: I thought Saku is Maxy's daughter

xXWaxYXx: they talking shit over there im pretty sure

Talking shit?
Talking about spot to sit is a shit?
Now I know

ilishaheera: Dekat2 kat thrown
ilishaheera: throne

ilishaheera: We're talking about the throne

ilishaheera: -Sits-

Now here's the part
xXWaxYXx started insulting Islam

xXWaxYXx: can’t belive i dated  a muslim 
xXWaxYXx: lol

xCoOki3moNx: ni yg skit hati ni
xXWaxYXx: a chinese dude with a muslim -_-"
ilishaheera: Love dun matter the religion

Guest_sakurassii: What's your religion, Max?

Guest_sakurassii: rofl.
ilishaheera: Dia kata dia cina

xXWaxYXx: lmao don’t belive in that stuff

ilishaheera: Freemanson
xCoOki3moNx: illuminati
xXWaxYXx: we should go to another place
ilishaheera: sha ta thn law dia kutuk agma kita
xXWaxYXx: this place is shitty after the muslim came in
xCoOki3moNx: Atheist
ilishaheera: Watch your fingers; Maxy
xXWaxYXx: we sho9uld leave before she bombs the place
ilishaheera: Talking about religion

ilishaheera: It's sensitive case
Guest_sakurassii: >.>
xCoOki3moNx: this is way too far

xCoOki3moNx: worser than i thought
ilishaheera: Bombs coming out
ilishaheera: xD
xCoOki3moNx: sha did u bring ur ticky bomb?
Guest_sakurassii: lol.

ilishaheera: Saku xD
xCoOki3moNx: coz i want so boom!
ilishaheera: -Hides behind Saku-
xXWaxYXx: wonder why U。S is at war with iraq
Guest_sakurassii: Hm?
ilishaheera: Sakura, calls Naruto
ilishaheera: Now
ilishaheera: Giggle2
xXWaxYXx: cus that noob is a mulsim shit
xXWaxYXx: lol
xXWaxYXx: so as all her freinds
xCoOki3moNx: lol
xXWaxYXx: no offence sha
ilishaheera: You're over the line, Maxy
ilishaheera: Muslim is not shit
ilishaheera: Not all of it
Guest_sakurassii: I hate Sakura from Naruto o _ o

xXWaxYXx: lmao

xXWaxYXx: if china had to go to war with mulsim

xXWaxYXx: we kill our selfs instead
Guest_sakurassii: Muslims would be dead e.o
xCoOki3moNx: i can't believe my dad is mixed with chinese
xCoOki3moNx: damn it
ilishaheera: I'm kinda lost but talking about the religion I am.. you typed shit.. i'm grrr
Guest_sakurassii: Here goes racism..
xXWaxYXx: lmao if u r dad is chinese

xXWaxYXx: im Jet-Li
xCoOki3moNx: lol
ilishaheera: Saku are you okay with this racism?

xCoOki3moNx: jet-li
xCoOki3moNx: chuck norris
ilishaheera: jet-lishaheera

Guest_sakurassii: Not realy.
Guest_sakurassii: I feel racism on myself every day
ilishaheera: Dun scared.. it's just IMVY
ilishaheera: IMVU*
ilishaheera: Sorry typos
xXWaxYXx: im going to another room
ilishaheera: Wow Saku
ilishaheera: Take care to another room.. make sure no racism
ilishaheera: It;s baddd

Guest_sakurassii: It's baddd
xCoOki3moNx: yea
ilishaheera: Really baddd
Guest_sakurassii: ;D

Guest_sakurassii: Really, really baddddd

xXWaxYXx: i don’t wanna be near muslimsthey stink 。。 they smell like cow ass

ilishaheera: I never know we can smell in imvu
ilishaheera: Pity my pc
ilishaheera: You're too advance
xXWaxYXx: u can
xXWaxYXx: put ur nose up ur ass
xXWaxYXx: than u can sniff it
Guest_sakurassii: I learn about muslims at school, they are very harsh religion
ilishaheera: Smells you
xCoOki3moNx: sha when u meet me that day,i smell chenel no. 5 right?
ilishaheera: Not that harsh if we learn by heart
ilishaheera: The 6 too
Guest_sakurassii: Eh? o.o

xXWaxYXx: saku im out of here u wanna  chat envite me 
ilishaheera: Learn by heart, Saku
xXWaxYXx: i had enought of this noobs
xXWaxYXx: *poof*
Guest_sakurassii: I ll stalk you
ilishaheera: Yucks
ilishaheera: Smelly poofs
ilishaheera: Giggle

xCoOki3moNx: lol

xCoOki3moNx: i can't stop laughing
ilishaheera: Keep on
xXWaxYXx has left the chat
ilishaheera: Your daddy left
ilishaheera: Going to follow him?

ilishaheera: He's baddd
ilishaheera: Really baddd

Guest_sakurassii: meh..
ilishaheera: Religion..
xCoOki3moNx: not god example
ilishaheera: He said he dun trust that
ilishaheera: A daddy with no religion
Guest_sakurassii: I'm Catholic.
ilishaheera: Better luck for your next daddy, Saku
xCoOki3moNx: he's an Atheist
ilishaheera: I'm okay with all catholic
ilishaheera: Eventhough I'm muslims
Guest_sakurassii: Hm..
xCoOki3moNx: u don't want an Atheist daddy don't u?
ilishaheera: EArth.. exists all religions
ilishaheera: I can't avoid it by hating them
ilishaheera: Just let it be
ilishaheera: Go with the flow
ilishaheera: I'm a peace world person
Guest_flyingrosebunny: lol
ilishaheera: Giggle
ilishaheera: She loled me
xCoOki3moNx: lol
ilishaheera: Typing the truth and get loled
ilishaheera: Giggle2
xCoOki3moNx: very unfunny
xCoOki3moNx: but lol
ilishaheera: I'll acts like i'm giggle

ilishaheera: XD
Guest_sakurassii: Are you both Muslims?
ilishaheera: Yea.. but we dun hate catholic
ilishaheera: Or whatever
ilishaheera: We're still human beings

ilishaheera: Same
xCoOki3moNx: yea
ilishaheera: No different
xCoOki3moNx: we didn't even say anything to u
ilishaheera: I learnt Islam by heart and they teach not to hate people
Guest_sakurassii: <. <
ilishaheera: I hate nobody

ilishaheera: But the one who started a war with us.. it's compulsory to back up our religion

xCoOki3moNx: she left
Guest_sakurassii has left the chat
ilishaheera: Good
ilishaheera: She scared
ilishaheera: We won
ilishaheera: Yays
xCoOki3moNx: nmpk sgt dusta


Anonymous said...

Chinese, Malay, India are all the same, we can stay harmony and just like a family but what drive to the racism issues is how the government/ politician act..
As a chinese, we don't hate any religion but most, or i should say almost all of us cant accept our family members date with a muslim, culture shock mayb ><''

ilishaheera said...

I understand ( ;