. ili: January 2011
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Monday, January 31, 2011


Just felt like posting her here!
Cute isn't she?
-Snuggle's Comot-

Soon, she'll have new family members.
Yays to Smokey!
Productive mom xD

Walid, we really have to move to a suitable place..
Not flat but a house..

Demanding daughter;


Sunday, January 30, 2011.

At last!!!
I've found my son! xDDD

'Found' him at one of BJ's shop.
Aww.. he's so cute.
Now I have him.
I'll use him always!
So that we're always together even though the daddy is in the kingdom far far away.
Dah bunyi macam fairy tale. Teeheehee!

There's alot of Domo version.
I bought the handphone accessories. (picture above)
The other types were keychain, plushies, pencil box, etc.

Tae Kwon Domo? Reminds me of Pengyyy D;

What a big family!
Teruskan usahamu Mier! Eh? xD

Happy Time;

The Ladies

Sunday, January 30, 2011.
Queensbay Mall & Bukit Jambul Complex (BJ).

Holidays striked.
I can't stop myself from being contacting the Iron Ladies.
I'm always excited to meet all of them.
But maybe it's not the time yet.
I just made it to met Yana. Yays!
Missed to see all ladies again..

Bzzt! So.. the main characters were Yana and me! ( :
Wow.. waited for her at the Borders.
I saw my senior :3 He look busy. I'll halu2 him next time xD
Yana! I read 3 different types of book!
From novel to cookery book then animals xD
Now, where on earth are you? xD

Movies on this month looks so lame.
There's nothing to do at Queensbay.
Kept on walking as far as the legs brought us.
Woots! We found something cool!

Oil painting!

We even got the chance to colour some part of it!
That's Yana. She's shaking. Not the hands but the heart. Eh?
Taw la pekerja tu leng zhai. Tahan Yana, TAHAN! xD

Not for long after that,
We rode rapid and went to BJ. (It was my second time riding it!)x3
Filling the stomach time at abang Ronald's restaurant. xD
We bumped to Apek! Secondary school-mate! Wow..
He became more leng zhai la..
Apek "Standard la tu handsome"

Oh yeah! We went to BJ to 'visit' Mydin.
Dengaq cerita dah terkenal di peringkat antarabangsa. Wah! xD
Scary big. Nahhh... not really.. normal.
I prefer average place.
Such as 7-Eleven.
YAYS!!! X3

I'm lovin' it;

Karnival Pengajian Tinggi Negara 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011.
Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)

Yays, a carnival! Pft =w=
I can't stand having people all around me.. Sesak der!
So my friend and I started walking around from right hand side.
The first booth was USM booth. Yays! My dream University! ( :

We kept moving and taking gaining gedik goodie bags from one booth to another!!! xD
Once my hands felt numb and I can't stand gaining more goodies,
I bumped to the president..
The president reminds us to return to the bus. Good!

I really should stop walking before my hands paralysed for the entire life!
Can imagine how many goodies I've colllected? xD
Please refer to the 3rd image above. xD
It's just the free gifts.
Not yet the pamphlets etc. xDDD

Yes, yes, yes, indeed fun.
Free gifts is fun! xD

Pokoknya, Ini karnivalkah atau pestakah? xD

Fun fair;

Program Taaruf

Friday, January 28, 2011
Surau PFS.

Persatuan Pelajar Islam held and orientation game for the newbie!
Form one student! Oh my my! They're so small 0.0
Reminds me of myself when I was in standard 1! Eh? xD
Kids nowdays turned out to be smaller year by year.

There were all 5 groups.
Aisya and me guided the last group; Maher Zain Barakallah. Teeheehee!
Lead by Azamin. The other members, as I remembered thier names;
Irfan (looks like an artist!!!), Haikal, Fikri anak mak, Shahiran, Mohamad Handsome, Razin, Fatah and Aiman tak kisah Arif.
The last one I can't recall. Sorry. xD

I'm actually scared to talk to them.
But I'm 19 and they're 13. So? xD
"Kak Ally" That's what they called me. Cemerlang! xD

Acivities held were;
Islamic subjective basic questions (Even I'm less confident asnwering them) Dx
Passing rubber band from one to another using straw. (I heard them making wierd sounds) [refer the image above]
Take out candy inside the flour using mouth. (eeuuu)
Blows balloons until it pops out. (Ouch!!!)

It's fun though..
Having HAPPY TIME before leaving the school and celebrates holidays! xD

The facilitator;
Ally Ili Iskandar Shaheera.

Career Talk

Sunday, January 23, 2011.
Old Frees' Association.

TL Friiscor Ho giving his talk..

Yays! This is the second time I went here!
Yuppers! It's a talk. Career talk by the old frees.
But in this case, not that old. Still young and trendy. Eh? xD
Yeap! Mr. Friiscor is the ex-student of PFS!
Now he's working in engineering field. Bravo!

His talk focused on our life that always related to Research & Development Engineering!
The software, communication, medical stuffs, space & exploration etc.

Next speech, still by the ex-PFSian; Mr. Steven Siaw.
Walawey! He took Physick, biulogy and chemistery for STPM! Pergh!
He's a monster! xD rich genius one.
He's the co-owner of an engineering company, okay?
ViTrox Technologies. Get it? Grab it!

He's sounded like a counsellor on that day.
Giving a piece of advice..
Here, his tips for students nowdays;
1. Involve in Extra-Curricular activities. (I've joined >3 clubs. Now what?)
2. Performance = ability + motivation (Okies, side effect of science)
3. Success = Opportunity + Preparation (I'm a last minute person)

The best quotes I got from Mr. Friiscor and Mr. Steven;
I heard of this quote before.
But who cares? xD
Mr. Friiscor;
A journey of thousand miles begins with a single baby step

Mr. Steven;
The first steps are the freaking hardest

Still stepping;

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gurney Drive

Let the Gurney drives you to your destination!
Ah, sudah.. apa ku melalut entah!

This is a nice place to hangout with massive number of gang!
Why? Because I saw some wierd guy walks around there..
Looks like they want to 'have' something without asking permission =w=
Aiks.. I sounds like a negative thinker.. xD
Maybe I have too much awareness @_@

Gurney Plaza..
Attracts me so much..
Idk why..
Maybe because of the cinema?
I wanna watch movie at there!

The main questions are..
With who? ... ɹǝıƜ
When? ... ᄅ⇂0ᄅ
Gatai dah..

Waits eternity;

Balik Pulau

One of the scenery at there

Brrr! What a place!
My brother stayed at there..
Rent house? Near the college; Island Technology ( :

I still remember..
His past hostel looks creepy
Once, I walked around the house and I felt scary..
The feeling of being watched and followed 0.0
Not by the human beings but the other..

Pft! This is why I refused to go to UiTM!
Better stay at home!
Penang Free School is the best choice I've made!

Post publisher;

Saturday, January 22, 2011


The name, Amir.
The person.. who I always stalk too..
I'm happy to see his new life.
He changed so much.
In a positive way.

But today I was shocked!

Oh Mier Gucci! They broke up? 0.0 For serious?
I can feel his pain.. D;
Where's the unlike button? Dx

iStalk Amier too.. ahem!
Forever and ever until when-when xD

Lookie! Find the similarity!

No, Not the name! xD


Sumatif Test

As I said, students of PFS will be sitting for sumatif formative test on Saturday!
Not all Saturday, okay!? gilak ka?
I'm kinda upset..
20 marks for PA (objective questions), surely gone by the wind. Eh? xD
I was not in the class that day. v.v
20 marks for PA (formative test), IKR I can't get all 20..

Do not mention about economy..
The first question was LOMPANG!
Gwa rasa macam nak lempang ja...
Agak2 a.. terus2 serbu lompang tak pakai helmet..
Maw rileks sat tanya a maksud MPC dulu ka.. apa ka..

BM laei dahsyat! Canggih beb! xD
We got the marks on the spot as soon as we've passed the paper 0.0
Oh..! During the test, there was a small spider loafing around my paper..
I drew a big spider to freak her out.. xD

Macam Plankton pon ada noh.. xD

Yeah, I freaked her.

But who knows, the most freaking thing today;
Aisya and me were walkatoning back to our class after the reccess
Suddenly, we bumped to a teacher. The one who always stay at the discipline room.
The teacher "Did you guard the hall during assembly last Monday?"
Aisya and me "Yes. But for the last year only"
The teacher "I'm gonna make both of you and the other two girls as a.. pre.. fect.."
Me "A what?"
The teacher "Prefect". He said slowly.
We was like 0.0 LALAT TEIK! AGAIN?
Arghhhhhhhhh Dx

Freaked out;

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Since I was a little girl, cewah..
Tak dak kecik mana aih..
Just, when I was in primary school until I reached the age of 15,
My homework always completed. Nicely.
Bangga beb.

From form 4 until now.. Duhhh..
Ketaq ja poei sekolah! Sebab? Kerja tak pernah nak siap.
Form 4 and 5. Science subjects. I can't make it.
I just hope I can understand. Epic Failed.
It's over already.

Form 6. Luckily I was in science stream for two months weeks if and only if. xP
Now until the end of 2011, I'm a arts stream's student. YAYS xD
But I still can't finish my homework eventhough there's no science subject 0.0
Oh Mier Gucci!

Yeah, today I look different. Sorta.
I'm working to finish the homeworks. Earlier than always.
Then my ummi(mother) said :
IDK which expression I should make. So I said :
"Better keep my things back." Means I'll finish homeworks at midnight. xD
Ummi 0.0

The conclusion is.. Camdek.
Sapa camdek sapa?

The Camdeker;

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love is in the air

That's my mood right now x)
http://enakei.com/ done a brilliant art, hurrah! ( :

Do you thinking what I'm thinking? x3


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black Club LTU

OMG! Oh Mier Gucci! It's LTU!

First of all, Sorry Klaud 9!
I made your room famous. Eh?
Seriously, I hate LTU.
Yeah.. Lithuanians.. the girls only. 2 of them.
Sit back and relax, Klaud.
You're in my safe list xD

I never thought that LTUian will visit my blog..
But it happens..
Tapi kenapa?

Psst, psst!
Jaja.. I know you got me ( :
And yeah, wish both of you are just fine!



9am - 1pm.
PFS Hall.

Ish mine souvenirs from Thailand♥

Today, my school got visitors from Thailand and Indonesia.
Sri Bunyanont School and Bodindecha School (Thai)
SMP Negeri 1, Binjai (Indonesia)

Aisya, Has, Dayana and me became the usherer!
Gahhh.. lipstick and high heels again =w=
It's kinda exciting to welcome the visitors!
I purposely welcomed the teachers and students from PFS too xP
Terkejut depa.. 0.0

Ahah! We even got the opportunity to see the whole event xD
Starting from guests' arrival until photography session xD
The Thai's performance looks good overall and I really love their drum.. slim river beb! mengiurkan! Eh? xD

When my friend and I enjoying their performance, tiba-tiba!!! xD
Suddenly the teacher from Thailand talked to us.
She said those on the stage is her students.
She even invited us to join her dancing club! 0.0
While she talk to us, she put her hands around my shoulders.
Ahaaa xD That's so friendly.. Like button! x3

Communication failure doesn't exist. Woohoo!
It's kinda sad because the Indonesian didn't prepare any performances.
A teacher from Indon said they didn't expected that today got performances.
Aww.. "YeahYeah" baku habis Bahasa Melayu guer masa bicara sama cikgunya ya ya ya dari Indonesia. Teeheehee xD

Haiizzz.. Seronot, seronot jugak.. pelajaran? @__@
Okay, tukaq topik!
Souvenirs! Based on picture at the top, yeah! they gave me!
The teacher from Thai whome 'hugs' my shoulders (she even pinched my cheek) xD, the students, teacher Gugurl Girly, and Mimi! (The cute blue one) x3
Sapa tak bahagia bila dapat hadiah, habaq mai sat?
Mai nak bimbingan dan kaunseling sehari dua. xD

Ahah, pak cik! Grr! I turned out to be a rude girl today.
I hate him, I hate him! xD
Adakah patot pak cik tu cakap saia ni mamak?
Tidak, gelojoh!
Hey hey hey heyyy Hang Jebat! Have you ever heard a proverb sounds like this;
Don't judge a people by his/her skin!!!
Don't judge a book by it's cover!?
But luckily he was just asking.. not judging..

Arabian blood;

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bilik Tayangan

Phew! What a day for today! xD
The best part for today was when after school
It's BOSLibs time!
Part two of wiping activities again as I experienced it..
uh, oh!
I got to know a new guy! Not that new.. I never talk to him before xD
He look alike one of my secondary school's friend, Adrian!
So I tried to called him Adrian when he said his name is KoKun Manusia.
Sounds tasty? Eh! xD

Bilik Tayangan, checked!
Teeheehee.. Never entered that room before..
And I hope I'll not have to enter it again.. Eh? xD
Ya lah, sapa maw masok bilik penuh dengan teik "Cicakman"? xD
The suggested answer; Thailand.
Woohoo! Boleh muat ka.. xD

Chansy and me wiped all parts that can be wipe inside the room;
The floor, sWIPED!
The windows, wiped!
Chairs, wiped!
Tunku Abdul Rahman's portrait?, winked! Eh?

It's a tiring day for sure..
Bravo to Chansy..
She has to stayback and have a great evening on the field
Yay! Rumah sukan! Go, go, go, P. Ramlee Sirajuddin!

Hah! Lesson of the day;
Tangan tu jangan gatai-gatai!
Am I right, Chansy? xD
Next time gatai, I report kat kepala IT! xDDD
Or maybe report to the passed away guy?
"He didn't pass me the key because he passed away" xD

Manusia jugak;

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Deco Day

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ada love-love, you~

Counseling club.
Agenda for yesterday?

Idk what to say type..
But just for the board, we took hours to be done.. haha
Nah, It's okay with me.
Others? Sorry Dx

"I would not do it again, I promise!"
Next time, I'll talk less and work more Dx
But, as the proverb say,
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
How, how, how?

Assistant Secretary;
Jack Sha.

Tak dak akai

Apakah jenis manusia semacam ini?
A. Tak dak akai
B. Tak dak otak
C. Otak Udang
D. Udang Tempura

Lecey der..
Kereta ummi patik nak lalu celah tu pun tak celuih
Kasi calaq baru maw meloncat sat
Gwa semangat nak poei sekolah ni
Nak jawab soalan Makroekonomi 1 sampai 10..
Tak siap ni.. okay?

Ni bodo ceghedeq, akai ada, akai?

P/S : Abang Addie, sheikhalecey is waiting.. Eh?! xD

Yang berakai;

Holy Cow.. again!?

14-Jan-2011 9.25 pm
Hi Member, Inu asyik main rakam sendiri utk kawan.Bosan? Nak berkawan rapat sila tulis ON XD dan sms ke 33001 & dapat rakaman Inu. Hebohkan! kawanfcuk: 0174032541

Khok hak tuih puihhh!

Ku tidak tahu nak lapor kat sapa benda ni..
Any suggestions?

Marah ni;


Nice, isn't it? xD
8314 would be nicer..
Eh!? >xP


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hopping party

Whenever I think about sports, I will think about hopping party
Everybody loves hopping xD
Oh yeah, HOPPING! O.o

Sport's practice!
Sirajuddin done a lot of hopping today!
Pft! Boys school what..
Let the guys do the hop hop thing!
Duhhh.. I saw a boy recorded some girl do the high jump..
What is his main objective?! pian tai la lu!
Inilah dia remaja! menyalahgunakan teknologi!
Maka terjadilah kes pembuangan bayi dalam kalangan remaja!
Eh?! Apa kaitan daaa? xD

Practice started..
I'm waiting for it to end.. ASAPly..

Gaseous state;

Wushu Panda

Wednesday, January 12, 2011.
The hall of PFS

Okay, first of all..
There is no movie titled Wushu Panda.. yet! xD

Just a headline.. related to my life for past Wednesday
I got my Shaolin Wushu practice..
This is the first time I came punctually xD

So I saw I'm the only Malay girl!
Looks wierd..
Kalau jadik rusuhan kaum, mati dah ku ini xD
Luckily I can communicate with everybody..
Semua leng zhai leng zhai mehhh! xD

Okay, WUSHU!
I learnt some move..
Great moves!
Next practice we maybe use weapons..
Me "Sir! Weapon?!" o.O bahaya kot?
Sir "Yes. Made from wood" okay, not to risky..
Me "Why want to use that thing?"
Sir "To knock your husband"

Pa, do take care of yourself..
Somebody want to knock you..
Knock.. knock!
Whose there?

The wife student;

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Be prepared!

A very busy week.
I have to work hard and smart.. Dx

Teachers love to give a sudden test nowdays..
Scene 1, a teacher entered the class..
Teacher "Okay, keep all your notes. Take out a shit sheet of paper. I want to give a test"
Me o.O WTSheet... xD

Dengan bermukakan kering, gwa ajak pen gwa menari dengan asyiknya atas kertas itu.
Sekian, terima kasih cikgu. xD

So, I heard about FORMATIVE TEST too..
They gonna do it on Saturday >.<
Argh! Now I have no chance to burn the midnight oil xD
I have to BE PREPARED always!
Can I?
Apa kata surveyyy xD

Bunsen burner;

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Monday, January 10, 2011
Kutub Khanah Tunku

BOSLibs activity!
Yesterday was for group A only.
A part of beautifying library.
As usual, sweeping, mopping, ing ing ing..
an an an totemo daisuki...Doraemon~ Eh!? xD

I discovered that wiping is just everyone's favourite.
I wiped like a car's wiper..
Wiped spiders' web too..
Oopsie.. I really want to wipe them x.o
So, I did..
Boleh tahan kejam jugak ea diriku ini xD

Pft.. While doing those household chores,
I kept on searching any pathway to the tunnel..
Eh? Tunnel? xD
So I heard there's one at here..
Pft! It ghostbump me somehow..

I do believe that there's a tunnel..
From Kutub Khanah Tunku, to the Astaka..
Then it goes to principal's house and straight away to the hall..
From the hall, there's way to Padang Kota Lama..


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holy cow!

I got a message by random numbers today..

09-Jan-2011 7.59 ptg
RM0.00 Helo abang! Nak tahu kata kunci untuk tengok gambar & video klip Jepun & orang putih yg panas? Htr < on teik > ke 32616. Malam ini mesti teik, cepat!

Pergh! Bikin gwa panas!
"Helo abang!"? o.O|||
I'm not even a brother!
I'm the sister!
But I don't want to be related to you, freak!
Shuh, shuhhh!
Ambek choki2 ni, pergi maen sana!
Nyah lu dari pandangan gwa! D:<

"Ku report jais!" I replied.


on marah;

Justin Bieber

He's making his way to me Malaysia!
Live in Pulau Pinang Kuala Lumpur!
Pft! Lucky them..

Date: 21st April 2011

Venue: Stadium Merdeka

That's all I know..
I got this news form MSN.. thank you xD

Last year I found a news about JB too..

Teeheehee! For more details, do visit here;

Pft! Malaysia was not listed at the web for his upcoming show xD
Haiizzz.. But it's not okay!
I never go for a concert before..
Really? Erm.. yeah3.. Perhaps

Bieber Fever;


Domo? Domo Arigato Gozaimas?

I saw this advertisement last year.. xD It makes me think about Domo.. Oopsie? Domo? My baby xD Eh?!

Let it be.. I'm not the follower of Digi..
I will not follow you, yellow dude or whatever you are xD
I will always with Celcom..
I hope so.. last Saturday I just using Maxis again..
Pft! I will act like you never banned my number before!

Hah! So, I'm searching for a place to put my handphone >.<
Maybe.. something like this?

No, I want exactly like that v.v
Pa, let me see your Domo bag soon!!!
Nak culik diaaaa xD

The mommy;


Saturday, January 8, 2011
The PFS hall.

We held a roadshow for our juniors; form 1.
This is truely a PFS.. high standard.. It is?
Yes, indeed.

I handled Kelab Bimbingan dan Kaunseling(B&K) booth.
It's the club about counseling people?
Sorta of ( :

I'm quite happy on that day..
It's my new experience!
The best booth; MAD indeed!
Movie and drama club.. they're so creative!
I love creative human beings!
Pengy is one of them? Woohoo!
Naughty him!
Wearing mask and walk around the hall o.O
He even stared at me!!! Argh! Seriously, freaked me out at the first place..
I was like "WTStare? At me? I'm going MAD too.. can I?" Eh?! xD

"I ate Batman! ... The Robin too!"

I want to praise Ooi a bit..
He's so energetic!
My cheeks hurts! Smiling and keep talking, promoting about my club..
For 3 hours non-stop D;

I hope that B&K will raise up again..
Like the past yearsss..
Hail to the B&K!
Eh!? xD

The Assistant Secretary;

Saturday, January 8, 2011

So it's 41!

So, my number remained the same x3
At last I won a DOC >.<
Last time I just got top 100 and 200 xDDD

The contestant's name will appear after the DOC ended ( :

Lookie! The award? a sticker =w=
WT=w= xD
Yays xD A sticker.. got it free!
If you want to buy it, it'll cost 100K+!
Nak beli 6K pun terketaq-ketaq! xD

So, I put the sticker next to him! :D
Oh! He's online x3
Rawr~! xD

♥1 and 4;

Favourite Memory

Last Forever

It's a Daily Outfit Competition on IMVU..
Theme; Favorite Memory.
I entered DOC around 5x in my life so far..
And I never listed on top 50 before..
Tsk! Now I'm so excited!

Nahhh.. eventhough i'm top 50 today..
Who knows the next day I might be kicked off to below than 100..
It's IMVU btw..
A game!

I wish, I wish with all my heart to get the good ratings for pa and me xD

The phrase I wish, I wish with all my heart..
It's from a cartoon; Dragon Tales..
I looove it! I watched it when I was a young girl..

There.. Emmy and Max.. the main characters..
When they want to go to the dragon land,
They'll say :
I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a land apart.
They transport back to their world by saying :
I wish, I wish to use this rhyme to go back home until next time

Argh! xD
Missed those dragons! Especially the two headed dragon!
Two headed dragon with two colour and two gender!
I love the purple one; female.
She loves to say "Looove it!"
She's funny to.. xD

Hey! Dragon Tales and DOC?
Still related to favourite memory, aite?


Friday, January 7, 2011


7 represents what?
The number itself or F O R E V E R ?
I'm fine with both of it xD


Make it to 3 years!
-Prays hard-
Sekali laei, tinggi cita2.. "cemerlang"!

Ambitious girl;


Hold it, right there!
Sirajuddin is the name of my sport's house, okay..?
Purple colour!
Yays you, Mimi! xD

Oh, Mimi.. reminds me of my late cat..
The last time I saw her when I was 12 years old..
After that.. There was no respond when I shouted "Mimi" D;
I missed Salem, Sabrina, Jackie, Puff, Mike, Ron, Bob, Fred, Pong, Tih, Su-key, Naruto, Shiro, Sunio, Survivor, Protes, Toto, Ken, Lojang, Lojut, Kenari, Kelisa, Tomok, Montello, Mami, Tomren, Tamwan, Tamtu, Tamtri, Tampo, Foxy, Kelabu, Haipai, Gebu, Oppa, Hana, Yuki, Eyang, Nichik, Nikon, Yashika, Minolta adn T-Rex so much!

Okay, back to our Sirajuddin!
Our mission; be the 1st one!
Means? Tata to Wu Lien Teh..
Pergh.. tinggi cita2.. 16 tingkat, gayat! xD

Nahhh.. I just hope that everyone will do the best..
Including P. Ramlee.. eh!?
Everyone, right? xP

"Let us onwards to win, and new laurels gain, Free School for the brave and for the true♥"

Yeah..! xD


Eh!? xD Pa, it's a girl.. no worries!*

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poor puppy

Tsk.. now3..
I just ignored my IMVU since 3rd January 2010
And today, I logged in..
I clicked my pets icon
I o.O

He's dying.. uglily xD

Btw, I'm so shocked!
Yesterday was a devie birthday
She's in my friend list
I was sent a friend request unpurposely to her last year
Luckily she approved me..
But we're never chat.. until now xD
So, I wished her..
and she replied me with..

Gift! xDDD
Terima kasih, arigato, thank you!

So speechless;

Peer Pressure

MUET class!
It's about paper 4; writing skill and we're talking about causes of stress among teenagers.
It was examinations, parental pressure, peer pressure, financial woes etc.
In the same time, I've been given my book back.
I checked the index and I was freaking surprised! xDDD
I saw this

Heaven, yeah!
I saw that!
What? Can't see clearly?
Let's zoom in!

Idk who wrote that but i'm 100% sure that he/she having a peer pressure... =w=
Really badly...

Btw, Chansy, congratificatilationalism!
You're the next Discipline Master! ...perhaps.. ( :
Prays hard, friend!

I'm kewl;

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prisoner of PFS

Is there a jail?
Nah, I just felt like I was, today.
I've broke the Wednesday's rule.
Laws made to be broken, btw. Eh!? xD
Yea333.. "I would not do it again, I promise!"
Tsk! Missed my VB so much D;

Can't wait for the next Wednesday!
This is so exciting xD

Psst! I saw a junior passed out..
Perhaps that was the 1st experience for him to stand for quite a long time.
Be strong kiddy..
We still have lots of Wednesday on 2011!

pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa
My left hand hurts
Ouchs D;

The patient;

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sfeaking London

Teeheehee.. xD
Yeap.. a VIL..
Very Important Language..
Kui.. kui.. kui..

It was the end of 2nd day of school for 2011 xD
I was waiting for my father and suddenly!
A woman came near me.
She sat next to me.
She smile.

Blank! I forgot what I've talked with her.
But here's the summary.
She's a mother of some students here.
They're juniors.
Form one.
So kid.

So they're just live in Malaysia for 6 months.
And surprisingly, I heard;
"I like Malaysia"
o.O WTLike?
"Eventhough it's hot here"
-.- IKR!
She look so happy talking about my country. Ahem.
She was extremely happy talking about the foods.
Well.. what can I say..
Pulau Pinang is a food paradise.
"In my country, the food is expensive. Especially during the weekends. We have to cook." said her.
Woots! May the foods be with you every second in your life from now on xD

xD We've talked much.
About the boys playing cricket on a hot day.
About the school and students.
About ourselves.
et cetera.. et cetera..
Now I realized.
This is truely a girls' talk.
Ignore the age.

I'm so happy to talk to her.
Oh! As I remembered, she's from England?
And she stayed in Pakistan before.

Somehow, I'm glad I can speak English.

Gladiator shoes;

Monday, January 3, 2011

1st day of senior year

It was a rainy day...
NEW is in the air..
Obviously; NEWbies.. teeheehee!
They're so small.. cute >.<
Human beings are getting smaller year by year..
Salah siapa?

1st assembly..
Pft! She 'shh'ed me!
The holy girl!
Shh was her 1st greet to me..

I saw..
New haircut.. everybody was
New earings.. my Chansy
New bags.. random
New class.. students
New form teacher.. gonna missed the past
New post.. hope it'll not burden me much
New MUET teacher.. coming soon actually
New times table.. new melody to memorize it then..
New new new

Eh!? tiba2.. xD
Okay, saya tidak tergoda
Saya tidak tergoda
Saya tidak tergoda
Saya tidak tergoda
Saya tidak tergoda
Saya tidak tergoda
Eh!? xD

That Onew looks like dear..
Aww.. He said that he felt a bit lonely in his class..
I hope I can accompany him..
But the subjects didn't allow me to..

♥ pa;

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Copy cat

Pft! I hate them..
Please be more creative!

I don't hate them that much..
Just pissed off..

I want him to be happy always
With no worries

The truely one and always!

Cats' lover;

Saturday, January 1, 2011

iSmell xXWaxYXx

Guest_HandsomeBrock has joined the chat
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Hi
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Are you Chinese?
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Sorry for everything
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Sorry for everything
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Sorry for everything
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Sorry for everything
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Sorry for everything
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Sorry for everything
ilishaheera: Aiks?
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Sorry for everything
ilishaheera: This is the first time we meet
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Sorry for everything
Guest_HandsomeBrock: Sorry for everything
ilishaheera: Calm down
Guest_HandsomeBrock has left the chat



It was yesterday..
The last day and date for 2010..
Reminds me the past 31st December 2007..
When W580i came to my life..

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