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Monday, January 31, 2011

Career Talk

Sunday, January 23, 2011.
Old Frees' Association.

TL Friiscor Ho giving his talk..

Yays! This is the second time I went here!
Yuppers! It's a talk. Career talk by the old frees.
But in this case, not that old. Still young and trendy. Eh? xD
Yeap! Mr. Friiscor is the ex-student of PFS!
Now he's working in engineering field. Bravo!

His talk focused on our life that always related to Research & Development Engineering!
The software, communication, medical stuffs, space & exploration etc.

Next speech, still by the ex-PFSian; Mr. Steven Siaw.
Walawey! He took Physick, biulogy and chemistery for STPM! Pergh!
He's a monster! xD rich genius one.
He's the co-owner of an engineering company, okay?
ViTrox Technologies. Get it? Grab it!

He's sounded like a counsellor on that day.
Giving a piece of advice..
Here, his tips for students nowdays;
1. Involve in Extra-Curricular activities. (I've joined >3 clubs. Now what?)
2. Performance = ability + motivation (Okies, side effect of science)
3. Success = Opportunity + Preparation (I'm a last minute person)

The best quotes I got from Mr. Friiscor and Mr. Steven;
I heard of this quote before.
But who cares? xD
Mr. Friiscor;
A journey of thousand miles begins with a single baby step

Mr. Steven;
The first steps are the freaking hardest

Still stepping;

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