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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Ladies

Sunday, January 30, 2011.
Queensbay Mall & Bukit Jambul Complex (BJ).

Holidays striked.
I can't stop myself from being contacting the Iron Ladies.
I'm always excited to meet all of them.
But maybe it's not the time yet.
I just made it to met Yana. Yays!
Missed to see all ladies again..

Bzzt! So.. the main characters were Yana and me! ( :
Wow.. waited for her at the Borders.
I saw my senior :3 He look busy. I'll halu2 him next time xD
Yana! I read 3 different types of book!
From novel to cookery book then animals xD
Now, where on earth are you? xD

Movies on this month looks so lame.
There's nothing to do at Queensbay.
Kept on walking as far as the legs brought us.
Woots! We found something cool!

Oil painting!

We even got the chance to colour some part of it!
That's Yana. She's shaking. Not the hands but the heart. Eh?
Taw la pekerja tu leng zhai. Tahan Yana, TAHAN! xD

Not for long after that,
We rode rapid and went to BJ. (It was my second time riding it!)x3
Filling the stomach time at abang Ronald's restaurant. xD
We bumped to Apek! Secondary school-mate! Wow..
He became more leng zhai la..
Apek "Standard la tu handsome"

Oh yeah! We went to BJ to 'visit' Mydin.
Dengaq cerita dah terkenal di peringkat antarabangsa. Wah! xD
Scary big. Nahhh... not really.. normal.
I prefer average place.
Such as 7-Eleven.
YAYS!!! X3

I'm lovin' it;


nina ynaduff said...

Love to see u too my lovely,ILI...^^

Ili Shaheera said...

IKR. Wah, daku perasan! xD