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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


9am - 1pm.
PFS Hall.

Ish mine souvenirs from Thailand♥

Today, my school got visitors from Thailand and Indonesia.
Sri Bunyanont School and Bodindecha School (Thai)
SMP Negeri 1, Binjai (Indonesia)

Aisya, Has, Dayana and me became the usherer!
Gahhh.. lipstick and high heels again =w=
It's kinda exciting to welcome the visitors!
I purposely welcomed the teachers and students from PFS too xP
Terkejut depa.. 0.0

Ahah! We even got the opportunity to see the whole event xD
Starting from guests' arrival until photography session xD
The Thai's performance looks good overall and I really love their drum.. slim river beb! mengiurkan! Eh? xD

When my friend and I enjoying their performance, tiba-tiba!!! xD
Suddenly the teacher from Thailand talked to us.
She said those on the stage is her students.
She even invited us to join her dancing club! 0.0
While she talk to us, she put her hands around my shoulders.
Ahaaa xD That's so friendly.. Like button! x3

Communication failure doesn't exist. Woohoo!
It's kinda sad because the Indonesian didn't prepare any performances.
A teacher from Indon said they didn't expected that today got performances.
Aww.. "YeahYeah" baku habis Bahasa Melayu guer masa bicara sama cikgunya ya ya ya dari Indonesia. Teeheehee xD

Haiizzz.. Seronot, seronot jugak.. pelajaran? @__@
Okay, tukaq topik!
Souvenirs! Based on picture at the top, yeah! they gave me!
The teacher from Thai whome 'hugs' my shoulders (she even pinched my cheek) xD, the students, teacher Gugurl Girly, and Mimi! (The cute blue one) x3
Sapa tak bahagia bila dapat hadiah, habaq mai sat?
Mai nak bimbingan dan kaunseling sehari dua. xD

Ahah, pak cik! Grr! I turned out to be a rude girl today.
I hate him, I hate him! xD
Adakah patot pak cik tu cakap saia ni mamak?
Tidak, gelojoh!
Hey hey hey heyyy Hang Jebat! Have you ever heard a proverb sounds like this;
Don't judge a people by his/her skin!!!
Don't judge a book by it's cover!?
But luckily he was just asking.. not judging..

Arabian blood;

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