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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bilik Tayangan

Phew! What a day for today! xD
The best part for today was when after school
It's BOSLibs time!
Part two of wiping activities again as I experienced it..
uh, oh!
I got to know a new guy! Not that new.. I never talk to him before xD
He look alike one of my secondary school's friend, Adrian!
So I tried to called him Adrian when he said his name is KoKun Manusia.
Sounds tasty? Eh! xD

Bilik Tayangan, checked!
Teeheehee.. Never entered that room before..
And I hope I'll not have to enter it again.. Eh? xD
Ya lah, sapa maw masok bilik penuh dengan teik "Cicakman"? xD
The suggested answer; Thailand.
Woohoo! Boleh muat ka.. xD

Chansy and me wiped all parts that can be wipe inside the room;
The floor, sWIPED!
The windows, wiped!
Chairs, wiped!
Tunku Abdul Rahman's portrait?, winked! Eh?

It's a tiring day for sure..
Bravo to Chansy..
She has to stayback and have a great evening on the field
Yay! Rumah sukan! Go, go, go, P. Ramlee Sirajuddin!

Hah! Lesson of the day;
Tangan tu jangan gatai-gatai!
Am I right, Chansy? xD
Next time gatai, I report kat kepala IT! xDDD
Or maybe report to the passed away guy?
"He didn't pass me the key because he passed away" xD

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Chansy said...

yay..!!Who want to lepak in cicakman room??WuuHoo...is Not than great evening but i enjoyed!!
YES..Tangan jangan gatai2 sangat!!That is what I learn in BOSlibs...
Passed away??!!Again with this.....U heard wrongly la..kawan..!!Is SHE not HE!!

Ili Shaheera said...

It thought the one who hold the key is a guy xD Enjoy ka? Seram2lah D;