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Monday, January 31, 2011

Program Taaruf

Friday, January 28, 2011
Surau PFS.

Persatuan Pelajar Islam held and orientation game for the newbie!
Form one student! Oh my my! They're so small 0.0
Reminds me of myself when I was in standard 1! Eh? xD
Kids nowdays turned out to be smaller year by year.

There were all 5 groups.
Aisya and me guided the last group; Maher Zain Barakallah. Teeheehee!
Lead by Azamin. The other members, as I remembered thier names;
Irfan (looks like an artist!!!), Haikal, Fikri anak mak, Shahiran, Mohamad Handsome, Razin, Fatah and Aiman tak kisah Arif.
The last one I can't recall. Sorry. xD

I'm actually scared to talk to them.
But I'm 19 and they're 13. So? xD
"Kak Ally" That's what they called me. Cemerlang! xD

Acivities held were;
Islamic subjective basic questions (Even I'm less confident asnwering them) Dx
Passing rubber band from one to another using straw. (I heard them making wierd sounds) [refer the image above]
Take out candy inside the flour using mouth. (eeuuu)
Blows balloons until it pops out. (Ouch!!!)

It's fun though..
Having HAPPY TIME before leaving the school and celebrates holidays! xD

The facilitator;
Ally Ili Iskandar Shaheera.

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