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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Saturday, January 8, 2011
The PFS hall.

We held a roadshow for our juniors; form 1.
This is truely a PFS.. high standard.. It is?
Yes, indeed.

I handled Kelab Bimbingan dan Kaunseling(B&K) booth.
It's the club about counseling people?
Sorta of ( :

I'm quite happy on that day..
It's my new experience!
The best booth; MAD indeed!
Movie and drama club.. they're so creative!
I love creative human beings!
Pengy is one of them? Woohoo!
Naughty him!
Wearing mask and walk around the hall o.O
He even stared at me!!! Argh! Seriously, freaked me out at the first place..
I was like "WTStare? At me? I'm going MAD too.. can I?" Eh?! xD

"I ate Batman! ... The Robin too!"

I want to praise Ooi a bit..
He's so energetic!
My cheeks hurts! Smiling and keep talking, promoting about my club..
For 3 hours non-stop D;

I hope that B&K will raise up again..
Like the past yearsss..
Hail to the B&K!
Eh!? xD

The Assistant Secretary;

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