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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sfeaking London

Teeheehee.. xD
Yeap.. a VIL..
Very Important Language..
Kui.. kui.. kui..

It was the end of 2nd day of school for 2011 xD
I was waiting for my father and suddenly!
A woman came near me.
She sat next to me.
She smile.

Blank! I forgot what I've talked with her.
But here's the summary.
She's a mother of some students here.
They're juniors.
Form one.
So kid.

So they're just live in Malaysia for 6 months.
And surprisingly, I heard;
"I like Malaysia"
o.O WTLike?
"Eventhough it's hot here"
-.- IKR!
She look so happy talking about my country. Ahem.
She was extremely happy talking about the foods.
Well.. what can I say..
Pulau Pinang is a food paradise.
"In my country, the food is expensive. Especially during the weekends. We have to cook." said her.
Woots! May the foods be with you every second in your life from now on xD

xD We've talked much.
About the boys playing cricket on a hot day.
About the school and students.
About ourselves.
et cetera.. et cetera..
Now I realized.
This is truely a girls' talk.
Ignore the age.

I'm so happy to talk to her.
Oh! As I remembered, she's from England?
And she stayed in Pakistan before.

Somehow, I'm glad I can speak English.

Gladiator shoes;


Chansy said...

That was cool!!

Ili Shaheera said...

She is! Listen to her reminds me of MUET listening skill! xD Wish I'll meet her again. At least 4x a months. So that I can improve my MUET xD

Chansy said...

hehex...U can speak/listen/friend with her son!!

Ili Shaheera said...

Serang anak2 dia, jujum? xD