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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wushu Panda

Wednesday, January 12, 2011.
The hall of PFS

Okay, first of all..
There is no movie titled Wushu Panda.. yet! xD

Just a headline.. related to my life for past Wednesday
I got my Shaolin Wushu practice..
This is the first time I came punctually xD

So I saw I'm the only Malay girl!
Looks wierd..
Kalau jadik rusuhan kaum, mati dah ku ini xD
Luckily I can communicate with everybody..
Semua leng zhai leng zhai mehhh! xD

Okay, WUSHU!
I learnt some move..
Great moves!
Next practice we maybe use weapons..
Me "Sir! Weapon?!" o.O bahaya kot?
Sir "Yes. Made from wood" okay, not to risky..
Me "Why want to use that thing?"
Sir "To knock your husband"

Pa, do take care of yourself..
Somebody want to knock you..
Knock.. knock!
Whose there?

The wife student;

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