. ili: February 2011
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Monday, February 28, 2011

Stale Char Kway Tiao

Somehow, he made me mad. Very bad.

Once a stranger added me and I've accepted he/she for some reason,
I'll message the person.
I'll comment on his/her pulse.

WTCoincidence! Looks like his friends were mine too!
And he thought that I really loves to comment on everybody's pulse =w=
Hello, hello Nareumdaero yonggil naessoyo I'm taking examination this year and I don't have much time to comment random pulses!!!

Luckily you're from Korea (based on your nationality)
And luckily, you're a guy.
Luckily you're a good looking person.
And luckily... this is not a compliment!!! D:<
I feel like eating Mier Homo sapiens tonighttt! Rawrrr!

Robinson Crusoe;
Ili Shaheera.
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Terharu sat member sudi meluangkan masa menaip namaku. (Walaupun terdapat kesalahan ejaan kata nama khas).

Nahhh... ever since I'm a little girl, people never spells my name correctly. Normal phenomenon.
It is really an abnormal to me if someone 100% write my name and pronounce my name correctly (including the Walid for sure!) xD

Haiizzz.. Pity Mier...
I wonder whether you've memorized my name yet.. xD
All the best, ea! xD

Okies, about my friend from IMVU (based on the image above)
Her nickname is Sha too.
Same as mine.
Might as well as yours?!
Who knows!?
Brilliant... from now on, I'm gonna use my real name..
Honesty is the best policy.
Eh? Apa kaitan der... xD

Honey Star;
Ili Shaheera.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Single Dad In Love.

It's a korean drama. That's all!
One thing that attracts me to watch this drama is...
The kid.. named Kang San..
He is so... CUTE 0.0
And I just knew that he's way cuter before he's bald..

That's the dad.. both of them are having serious diseases..

Look at Kang San!!! He's looking at me!!!
>O< Woooooooooooh!
Exactly look like Mier! x3
Aite, Mier? :3 

Honestly, I like this drama because of the kid..
Why? because the kid looks like Mier..
So? I must continue watching this drama..
For? for the rest of my life..
How? Wake up early on Saturday..
And? Quickly sit infront of the television..
To? Wait! This is too much..
Adios, amigos! xD

Big Girl;
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Full HD

Ouh Mier Gucci! iPhone!!!

First of all, I'm not going to babble about Full HD TV..
It's about iPhone My Online Visitors..
Since I've posted about coupon code on IMVU,
Random peeps peeked me.. xD
Yays! This is the first time the visitors filled my 'iPhone' screen!
Okies.. why am I so excited about this? =w=
Better do something else ~.~

The babbler;
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to find a coupon code box?

1. Mouse over to CREDITS' tab at the top of your homepage.
2. Click Buy Credits.
3. Look at the Payment Options and click 'Have a Coupon Code?'

After that, you'll see the box! ( :

 Here, for a better understanding about coupon code.

Credit cardless;
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Friday, February 25, 2011


Dewan Utama Pelajar, USM, Pulau Pinang.

I went there with Aisya!
There's a roadshow (jerayawara) about applying undergraduate course in USM!
It's early for us to apply.. but who cares!
We just want to take a look!
My dreams are to far my study at here.. in Art's course.. Yays! :3

I saw few people.. very few..
I look at the clock..
Ouh.. I missed the best part..
Roadshow for today almost reach it's end..
No wonder!

WTCoincidence! At the side hall, there's a carnival about women!
There's a health corner, perfumes, shirts, massage's center and health checking etc!
Peiii! I wonder where all those peeps got the orange-pink goodie bag! xD
Aisya and me took a quiz about mother and baby.
Argh! It's too early! That's why we got all wrong, mostly. xD
Mier.. jangan kuciwa.. xD

Futurama Future Mama;
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Cross Country

Youth Park, Pulau Pinang.

My school held a cross country today.
Yeah.. we really do crossed the country..
We need to 'cross' until the Waterfall too 0.0
The girls distance is 4 km but I don't think it is. Dx
But idc.. i'll run until I reached my goal!!! Top 20!
I kept on fighting even though I'm far behind.
"Go go go!!! Run run run!!!" >O<

And yeah! Goal reached!
I supposed to be the 11th.. but I just can't..
As I saw the finish line, my legs want to stop..
Because I just felt like rolling to it.. can't used my legs anymore xD
Bravo! Dayana and Aisya beat me! Ouchs!
13th place is okay than nothing, aite? xD

 Won soft drink for lucky draw and yeah! 13th Medal! ( :

"Nasi lemak!!!" Random peeps called me that =w=
Okies.. IKR.. My sport's house sells food for today..
I went around sixth form block to take order of it around this week..
Pity those form 1 to 5.. Sorry.. My bad..
Didn't made it to promote our Nasi Lemak to all of you.. Dx

:D I'm just so happy today!
At last! I ran! I love to run!
-runs to Kedah- Eh!? xD

Chansy, Congratificatilationalism! 8th place! Woohoo!
You're a long distance runner!
I wish I'm more selfish..
I'll leave my friend and keep on running alone.
But I just can't! Friends are important and so are achievements! xD

Sirajuddin!!! Keep up the great work!!! Reach our goal!!!
As if.. xDDD
But hey! No pain, no gain.
So, lets hurt ourselves! xD
Sounds like suiciding.. WTEmo! xD

Lucky girl;
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Thursday, February 24, 2011


This year is my turn to face the colloquium!
Now I can feel the colly pressure my seniors had last year. xD
Not too pressure..
It's fine..
Depends on the teacher..
Mine, is great! :D

So, research among us, the pupils!
I'm not good in communicating with someone in person..
So I did it through cyber world!
Actually, I'm lousy to talk. Typing is better. 

Okies.. this guy H's alphabet was missing in action xD

Darth Vader used Google Translation. 

That's all! It's quite interesting for me xD

Inoue Orihime;
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today i'm quite shocked..
She readd me.. woots!
She kidnapped me.. wooh!
As a conclusion?
We're back to friend?
Suggestions? :D

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Lessons of the day!
1. Mimic shoot.
2. Eye dominant.

Okies.. it's quite fun!
There's five step about mimic shoot..
First, make sure your right and left legs are parallel.
Second, the distance between your right and left legs are the same as your shoulders.
Third, lift your left hand up to nice 90 degree.
Forth, stretch your bow from your eye's level until your right hand reached your chin.
Fifth? hold your bow until 8 seconds then SHOOT ME!!!

You'll get a better picture about this by observation.

Eye dominant! Okies! Mine is left!
So I should close my left eye when aiming the target.
-winks at Mier the target- xD

There's two ways to determine whether we're right/left eye dominant.
By doing tringle thingy and somewhat like optical illusion 0.0

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Librarian's Duty

For PFS librarian, our common duty is ...?
Sweeping floor, chopping, sticking, wrapping and key-in-ing books..
Sounds as easy as ABC..
But do all librarians mastered all of it?

I just done key-in today..
Pft! Overall, I really forgot how to do..
I think if Sir make a workshop day again..
100% all of us will not pass with flying colours!

Until now, I still don't know how to- and never handle books to be borrow by peeps..
I don't deserve this post..
Did I do anything to make library a better place to visit? =w=
And yeah.. I don't know how much should a student pays when he/she returned the book late..

Sha, owhhh sha..

Lousy girl;
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I've found that nowdays there's no true friend..
Yeap.. Everyone is selfish.. so am I..
Sharing knowledge is a hard task perhaps..
So, do ask!
Even though the person you asked gets annoyed by you, just ignore it..
Keep on asking..
It's for your own good.. for your future..

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Friendly person?;

Monday, February 14, 2011

V-Day Gift

Power Rangers in my school held an activity.. selling cookies for Valentine's day. 
Okies.. I do not celebrate it but I'm just trying to give support for those rangers..
So I bought thier cookies for Chansy.. IKR she loves to eat!
But I've forgot to buy it for dear.. aww..

Grr! I am so mad! Chansy didn't recieve the cookies yet! Why?!
I want my RM1.00 back! D:<

Blue Power Ranger;


Vacation during holidays.. Gah.. I always dream about it.. But let it be.. I'm a person who rather stay at home and go outing around the island with my friends only..

But there's a friend of mine.. went to others country celebrating eve.. Woots! It's a great journey I bet.. If and only if I am her.. Phew!

But it's okay! Sad no more! This coming May, my family and I might be going to other planet state.. xD Guess what? My dream place! Johor! Yays!

But I have to sacrifice my school day a bit..
Pft.. I really want to earn full attend to school's certificate =w=
How? Family or study? Huhuhu...


Fly, Angel!

I've entered the Daily Outfit Challenge(DOC) for Angel of the Day theme..
Pft! I got 149th place.. Dam you..! xD
Wish there was a top 200's sticker..

This is my first DOC after IMVU erased the function of *saveOutfit
Now I've to use "change picture" of my saved outfit !
WTComplex way! 

Cian Mier.. 160th >O<
It's okay. 
Keep on trying.
This is just a game ( :


Monday, February 7, 2011

All about 4

It's been 4 months..
But he want it to be 4 ever..
-Prays hard-

Looks like my favourite number from 7 turns out to be 4 gradually..






Uh, oh? Still got 7 over there.. xD
Btw.. yeah2! IKR.. What's the relation between Onew and number 4?! xD
Kta ja yg tau kn Mier, kn? xD