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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Single Dad In Love.

It's a korean drama. That's all!
One thing that attracts me to watch this drama is...
The kid.. named Kang San..
He is so... CUTE 0.0
And I just knew that he's way cuter before he's bald..

That's the dad.. both of them are having serious diseases..

Look at Kang San!!! He's looking at me!!!
>O< Woooooooooooh!
Exactly look like Mier! x3
Aite, Mier? :3 

Honestly, I like this drama because of the kid..
Why? because the kid looks like Mier..
So? I must continue watching this drama..
For? for the rest of my life..
How? Wake up early on Saturday..
And? Quickly sit infront of the television..
To? Wait! This is too much..
Adios, amigos! xD

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