. ili: March 2011
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sungei Wang

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

I really thought that it was Sungai Wang. It's Sungei. Sungei! xD 

The first place you'll see after you've arrived here is, Oldtown White Coffee. xD
I've waited for my friends infront of it.
Friends? Chansy? Mimi? Palinee? 
They were Aril and Mia<3!
They're my cyber friend! From IMVU!
We've just known each other from last year! xD
Well, I do scared to meet them but why should I?
They're my friends!

Even though I knew Aril before Mia, but he's the one whose seems to be shy with me.
WTShy?! Der.. apadahal lu ni? Tertelan cekelat Smarties ka? Tak maw kawan.
Mia, jujum kita kawan berdua okay? Abaikan Aril. xD
They brought me deep into the mall and yayboh! We're at the Times Square♥!

They even bought me roasted corn! 0.0

This is my first time eating ROASTED corn. But not for the orange guy perhaps. xD

Tadah~!!! From the left; Ili, Mia and Aril!!!

I covered my identity by using the child, Domo Arigato. xD
Mia can't stop laughing. She's excited to see me. IKR. Haha! As if! xD
Aril just farted. He himself can't bear the smell. Kidding! xD

Friends Forever;
Ili Shaheera.
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Cocoa Boutique

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011
26, Jalan Kemuning, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur.

-Wipes your saliva-
I know you're temptimg for it.
That's why I look up for the address. xD

There's various of chocolate!
Durian Chocolate, Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, Banana Fruity Sensation, Vezzo, Chocolate Drink, Twin Towers Chocolate, Espresso, Wafer, Tiramisu and even handmade prints on white chocolate along with the frame! 0.0

Koko Krunch;
Ili Shaheera.
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Batu Caves

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011
Gombak district, 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) north of Kuala Lumpur.

There, the Batu Caves.
I snapped this when we stop for a break at the front restaurant.
Can you see the blue board? At the right side. Yeah.
That's Restoran Afrin Maju. Maju.

Okies! Next! xD
Batu Caves is actually a limestone hill.
Very popular during Thaipusam Festival.
I never been here before and I didn't even entered inside there.
Stay inside the bus with others-whome-not-Indians.

Oit, kata 1Malaysia?
Ya, ya... 2.30PM, lousy. Time to sleep. No mood to walk. That's it.
Alasan... xD

Reasonable reason;
Ili Shaheera.
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Zoo Negara

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011
Ulu Klang, near Taman Melawati, in north-east Kuala Lumpur.

Yays! A zoo! Full of animals! x3 
But it's not my luck to snap them all =.,=
My handphone's battery was low. Very bad.
So I left the the capturing photos job to Mimi and Palinee!
Later bluetooth and send via gmail okies! xD

Water closet.
Indeed, the toilet. Female one.
I saw a foreigner entered it. Male one.
I was like 0.0 and my desire to use the toilet lost to surrounding. Suddenly. It happened. Just like that. Magic! 0.0

Pft! Lucky I made it to use the toilet.
The other one of course! Much better! For heaven sake! Seriously, better! xD
Zoo Negara didn't create a wonderful memory. Slightly epic failed. xD
You-know-why! Dx

Uh, oh! The best part was posing with the snake!!!
Snake guy : This is a tamed snake.
Ili : Can you just turn it's head away from me, please?
Palinee : Come, I snap along with you.
Then, the guy put the snake at our shoulders. HEAVY! I felt it's tail wrapped me tight. Okay, bai kawan-kawan! @__@
-Snaps- (Still maintain my sweet killer smile) xP
Ili : Okies, done. You may take back your snake, guy.
The guy purposely delayed to take his snake! 
Ili : Abanggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tegar-tegarnya dia lakuin ini sama aku! Siap ketawa bagai anak kecil terhadap aku lagi! Tak maw kawan! D;

Almost faint;
Ili Shaheera.
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Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011

Strawberries are everywhere!
The farm, the monuments, the shop el cetera el cetera! xD

Strawberry.. Japanese said Ichigo..
Reminds me of Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach..
It's been ages since I've left anime.. Manga too.. 
I'll be back active watching you after I've done my STPM, Pachinko!
Just you wait! xD

Ni apa ni? Apa ni? Lari topik! xD

Corn lover;
Ili Shaheera.
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Resort World Genting

Theme Park. Fun at the peak!
8.00AM - 11.00PM.

A whole day spent over here felt worth it because I'm very happy and enjoyed my time ( x
My schedule packed with activities but if I look back, I didn't play that much. Times fly.
I'll list all the games I've played!


 Flying Jumbo! My Jumbo didn't fly that much. Sorry I ate too much. Perhaps. xD

Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland. Aww.. Lots of chocolatey thing! Feels like i'm in heaven! Okay, hyperball. (Hiperbola) Kah kah!

 Cyclone. It was my 1st time riding the 1st roller coaster in 1st Malaysia 1Malaysia. Bravo!

Flying Dragon Ride. This is so fun! Yet I still saw a girl with no humanity feelings such as excited when riding this friendly pinkish dragon. But why? I hate her. Cewah, sukati ja nak benci-benci orang kan Ili ni.. xD Ea la! Muka kering ja gadis tersebut. Sakit hati ku tonton beliau! xD Sapa suruh tonton? xP


Venice Gondola. Dayung sampan ea, bang? Hak hak! Abang plastik ja ni Mier. Huhuhu.

Rio De Janeiro Float. Tadi sampan ayaq. Nin dia sampan udara. xD

Ferris Wheel. 16 tingkat, gayat! xD I heard creepy sound when it moves. Lucky I'm still alive. Hope this game is still safe for future use. 0.0

Reindeer Cruiser. Feels so queen when we're above than others. Not to above. I'm not ready yet. Dx

SnowWorld. Freaking frozen! I feel no humidity in my nostril! My toes gone numb. The guy in charged for X-Treme Snow game are so rough. Benci kalian! Overall, those snow guys are so JERuK! Pft! But I'm still happy. Snowball fight xD Anonymous kid combo Kamehameha-ed me with snow! Nanti sat dia! Jaga dia! Sekali ku ketis, berterabur tulang rusuk! xD

Gahhh.. Sorry Danny, Alia and Jen. I didn't made it to ride the Spiderman (Flying Coaster). Aww.. 
It was just nine games. But I'm still enjoy. The rest games? Until next time!

Happy Visitor;
Ili Shaheera.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First World Hotel

Genting Highlands.

 The Hotel and Genting Outdoor Theme Park.

Obviously, this is the daytime scenery.
But we arrived there on nightmode. Eh? xD

My roomates are :
Chansy; The one who seems to be like our mother.
Mimi; A fun person to talk with!
Palinee; Kind-hearted girl ( :
Our group portray 1Malaysia strongly. Try to deny it if you dare! xP

Arranging foods.
That's our first activity. xD
Second one? I can't remember!
z.Z (Dreaming sweetly of course) xP

Mier dreamer;
Ili Shaheera.
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Genting Skyway at Highlands Hotel

Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor. (Side of Genting Highlands)

We rode this creepy apple creatures at night.
Reaching our goal; First World Hotel - sleep! xD
It's a long journey to the peak.
It was dark, I heard lousy loud noise from certain rotten apple. Pft!
Luckily you're not fresh or else you'll be eaten by me quitely! D:<

About the apple :
1. Can carry more than 2,000 people per hour each way with 8 passengers per gondola.
2. At the maximum speed of 6 metres per second (21,6 km/h), the 3.38 kilometres journey up the mountain peak takes some 11 minutes.
3. Runs from 7.30 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day and even longer on national holidays. Active apple! Terbaek dari ladang!
4. The average depth of the caissons is about 40 m (135 feet). The highest one is 45 m!

Alive Passenger;
Ili Shaheera.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Colmar Tropicale

A French-themed Resort, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

Our school trip went there during the midnight.
Nothing much to observe.
The coldness makes me wonder when will I see my pillows >.<

The swans. The only thing I observed. I'm so excited to see them in person clearly and nearly.
There's white and black swans.
Placed separately.
Sorry blackies, I snapped you but nothing shown on the camera's screen...
Sorry can't meet you during the daytime.. we'll meet again.. AS IF! xD

Basically, I love this place.
Makes me feels like i'm having a vacation outside the house, state, country and Asian! 0.0

On Vacation;
Ili Shaheera.
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Gua Tempurung

Gopeng, Perak.

That's the one and only best scene I've snapped when I was there!
Along way through the cave we're not allowed to bring anything except torchlight.
Okies, inventors, create a waterproof torchlight that able to snap photos please~ xD

The cave, wow! alots of stairs!
Images existed at the cave's walls frightened me somehow.
Some of them are girl's images, jellyfish and even drumstick! 0.0
I saw a stalactite that look alike a female's leg.. spooky sexy!
Some part of the cave is so smelly.
Bats' poops =.,=
Chansy, you stepped on a dead baby bat.
Wish there's a poem for the dead bat too... xD
I saw a dead bat
in a cave
near the Chansy's feet.
I saw a baby bat
out of air
because it barely able to breathe
in a crowded cave.
Chansy is so rich.
Why should it suffer like that?
Woi, apa kaitan!? xD

Stalagmite didn't suffer us that much compared to the stalactite.
Aduh... "Watch out! Look out for your brain! Left brain! Right brain!"
BANGGG! ... Ouchies.... Y.Y

I'm glad that nothing bad happened along the journey...
I saw nothing that scares me out...
Bats? They're so high up there and sleeping =w=
If you want to go there, wear sandal!
Sandal that protect your toes! 
Why? Because you'll always hit the pebbles whenever you going through the watery places!
Pants? Wear the one that protects your knees!
Why? Don't expect that you just need to walk inside the cave!
We have to slide! Crawl! And even swims! Kuak lentang pulak tu! Eh? xP

Overall, this expedition is fun in group!

The Explorer;
Ili Shaheera.
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Festival Boria 1Malaysia

Auditorium Sirajuddin P. Ramlee

I never thought I would involve in Boria.
Actually, I played part for the sketch.
Sketch and Boria always come together. xD
Me!? Sketching!? Wow.. Buat muka kering sat masa kat pentaih. xD

April? May? Not for 2011 perhaps... 

 Behind the scene, with these sequins..

 ...we've made a beautiful and colourful world of gloves!
 Mier, that's not my hand ring, don't worry. Kan Zaa, Kan? xD

Our boys did very well last Saturday!
We're always be the winner deep in our principal's heart. x3

Well, a group of population in Bukit Gedung won the first place. Silly thoughts of mine to think that those dancers are cute. Phew! Bad words! "Macam bodo!"
Second? Weet, weet~ Bukit Jambul! Wonder if those debater participated in Boria too? xD Adakah, Erde? Amar? Syazmi? Aliah? The-one-I-forgot-his-name? xD
Third place? CGLians..

But St. George's Girls' School attracted me so much.
Their Boria is so sporting, fun and funny.
Bravo to the Tukang Karang. xD Idk the terms in English.. Sealer? Steller? Bransettler? Nazmi settle semua? xP
Their last part, Bonamana song 0.0
Okies.. Boria.. and Bonamana? 

Ili Shaheera.
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Cikgu Hanif

He's my Bahasa Melayu teacher.
The great one! Yaybooh! xD
He was so happy yesterday!
I bumped with him around the school area and...
Cikgu Hanif : Saya sudah ada Facebook! Xaty buatkan.
Ili : : D

Facebook.. Social network..
Reminds me of Friendster and Myspace too..
Haiizzz.. I'm so missed those websites..
It's been a year since I've deactivated and deleted  those accounts...
Friends, I might be reactivate my Facebook account next year on 11th January! ( :
Beware, typertive-person-ever gonna rock all of you soon! xD

Back to my main point, Cikgu Hanif. xD
I'm still remember last month..
I accidently elbow striked him at the waist..
Cikgu Hanif : Oh, kamu nak pukul saya, ya? (Cute intonation) x3
Ili : Ta-ta-ta-tak! Dx

It's kinda funny to me anyway x3

Future teacher?;
Ili Shaheera.
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Quote is in the air

PFSian, familiar with this quote? Congratificatilationalism! That's mean you've came to the Kutub Khanah before! xD

 The final touch.

Although it was the final touch, I have to re-do it indirectly. xD
Quote... It's everywhere around the school! :D
And I can't believe I can find a quote in Economy's book too 0.0

"The... economy is facing a period of stagflation in which both growth and inflation disappoint."
David Walton
Goldman Sachs
Longman Teks Pra-U STPM Matrikulasi, Makroekonomi, Bab 6, 202

Today when I was walking with Chansy and she read a quote, 
Suddenly I got an idea to modify it a little bit...
It's quite a sensitive topic somehow, but just take it as a joke, will you? xD
Bulat air kerana pembentung,
Bulat manusia kerana Diabetes.

Chansy : Not all human are fat eventhough they're having a Diabetes.
Ili : ... 

Still speechless;
Ili Shaheera.
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MUET Workshop

A book a day keeps stupidity at bay.

Next week, sixth former will be having a Malaysian University English Test (MUET)!!!
So, today, english teachers worked so hard to give a brilliant talks about this test.
Speaking test, a hard task.
Yeah, it should be hard.
If it's easy, students will take it for granted!
Eh? xD

Here some tips about speaking test :
1. Make sure ideas created are well developed.
2. Indeed, a relevant idea needed.
3. Speak enough on each point.
4. Try to avoid grammatical errors.
5. Use variety of words.
6. Use suitable words.
7. Make less pauses and hesitations.
8. Show our self-confidence by not reading a prepared text.
9. Contribute ideas towards others to help keep the discussion going on fluently.

I just can't believe i'm facing this kind of situation.
I'm already a big girl, huh?
Almost become an adult soon..
But why?

Pray for my successness, folks! ( :

Success, success!;
Ili Shaheera.
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MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011

PFS was the host for the debate today.
Surprisingly, students of Bahasa Melayu (sixth former) were incharged for making sure everything goes fine.

What's my duty?
Become a babysitter in the quarantine room xD
Hey, they're genius babies! From Bukit Jambul.
Genius? Why?
Well, I saw the way they practice their topic :
SMS increase the quality of our life.
And indeed, yes, their points are strong.
Some of their points include about Halal foods, Friends of cops and the  prevented death of somebody.
Idk, something like that.
I salute the way they debate. ( :

As I remember, their names are Erde, Amar, Syazmi, Aliah and pft, I forgot the last one! >.<
I'm kinda sad because I can't watch their live debate versus Heng Ee's students!
So I waited for their victory in the quarantine room xP
Again, indeed, yes, they came back victoriously!

Mereka : Kami menang, kak... (Okay, ternyata aku ini lebih tua terdahulu dari mereka)
Ili : Ea? Jumpa lagi Rabu ni... (Jawab dengan nada cool kononnya. Rabu, peringkat akhir)
Mereka : Berkemungkinan besaqlah, kami menang. (Senyum tanda keyakinan) xD
Guess what? Yogia told me that they really won.

They gave me this sweet.
This is not a corruption, okies xD
Some kind of celebrating their achievement perhaps? xD
Aww, shweetest thing ever :3

Sweet sour;
Ili Shaheera.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy like crazy

Hooyeah, busy.. busy.. busy..!
Alots of activitiy are going to be held soon.
Now is the time to practice!
Practice makes perfect, aite?
Hope I can do my best ( :

Sketsa; I love my part. Not because of the character but the length of my dialogue. Simple and short. x3 Kan Ucu Wan, Kan? xD "Be-be-betul, betul, betul!" xD
Mier, don't worry. Next time we'll do our own sketsa, okies? xP
Forum Perdana! Uisyeh! Luckily i'm just a reserve speaker. xD
Dendang bermadah (Coral speaking)? Next month and I didn't memorize all the script yet v.v
Sport's telematch etc, Gahhh! Do sixth former really have to participate in this game? =w=
I just don't get it! xP

Looks like i'm an active student, huh?
I wish I can maintain the activeness when I go back home.
Home sweet home. And yeah, everytime I went home, I use my time to enjoy my sweet dreams.
I need to change! xD

Money changer;
Ili Shaheera.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Should!

I really have to post something up here!
(Since MYDIN MYMIER asked me to) :P
A bit blur right now.
Just wanted to post an empty post.

What happened today?
I got up really late!
But I'm not surprise because I really need a rest! xD
Ni la dia manusia zaman la ni..
"Apakah jenis manusia semacam ini?"
Haha! Rindu guru disiplin sekolah SMKBG masa wa tingkatan satu! xD
Another quote :
"Apa punya manusia?"
"Tak guna punya manusia!"
"Macam ni punya manusia pon boleh ada kat dunia ni ka?"

Okies, I'm really lost.
I should stop... NOW! xD

The manusia;
Ili Shaheera.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Batu Kapoq

Raja apa? Raja kapurrr! 

Trivia : Image above is not related with headline. xD

Word of the day : Batu Kapur.

Dipelopori oleh : Aisya.

Okies, Main characters : Aisya, Za, Mi and me (Mi and me sounds the same!) xD
We studied Bahasa Melayu at McDonald yesterday.
History part is the toughest best part ever! xD
So, it's like, we've been studied about Batu Bersurat (Inscribed Stone) all way long.
And Aisya kept mentioned the thing as Batu Kapur, Batu Kapur, Batu Kapur (limestone)! xD

Ohooohoooi! Teringat kat Raja Kapur ka?
Ka abang Kapur?
Dia ada kat Kuala Lumpoq na la ni?

Abang Kedah;
Ili Shaheera
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eddie! Happy Birthday!

Jaja, Eddie and Me!!!

Ni Eddie, dok buat terharu apa?
Baca sampai habih dulu, paham?
Gwa bukan apa buat ni semua..
Bukan sebab hari ni hari jadi mung..
Bukan333.. Tak gengsta langsung! xD

Saja ja memandangkan ada masa terluang..
Walaupun STPM tahun ni.. tapi, huh!
1 saat dah boleh siap la edit2 tahap budak2 tadika yang baru daftar semalam! xD

Okay.. okay..
: ) !!!idaJ iraH tamaleS

xCoOki3moNx & ilishaheera;
Ili Shaheera.
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Why it must be red!? xD Btw, I forgive you. xD

I just love to print screen. Thanks to Fye_Near! She thought me about this ( :
Based on the image above, I got it from someone's blog.
Idk why.. her post was about tagging.
In the end of her post, she tagged my name 0.0
Idk why.. Idk her.. Idk what's happening right now!

What I really understood is..
She's not talking about Tagged! xD
Somehow.. I'm touched.. huhu..
-Touches Mier-
Hey! xD

Tagged user;
Ili Shaheera.
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ikhmalshark has died.

What?! He's dead?!

Okies, I printed screen that from my friend's blog; Izah. 
As I saw the headline, I'm shocked and said...
"So, it's true that he died." 
But soon after I've done my researched, xP
She's not talking about Mal that I knew..
Peti kecemasan betul!

Well, ikhmalshark.. an IMVUer..
I knew him on IMVU of course..
Malaysia, from Johor, a guy, 21 years old. Haha! Maw kenai ka?

I can't remember when but maybe around December, 2010..
His friend told me that he has died..
Hit by the lorry..

Should I believe it?
I'm still wondering..
If he's not here anymore, why his Facebook is always up-to-date?
Duhhh... wte!
Better use my time to think about Mier! Aite, Mier? :3

Still alive;
Ili Shaheera.
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I'm being to honest lately, huh? 
What's the matter with me?
Matter has mass and occupies space!
Hey! xD

Pipa.. a blogger and a girl...
Found her blog when i'm searching about blog's tutorials..
And her blog loading for ages!
Pft! I feel the same case for my own blog too..

Okies! I'll make it lighter during upcoming hols! Yeah!
Btw.. I'm kinda regret for showing my anger towards Pipa..
Luckily she didn't mad at all (hope so).. Phew~!
Huhu.. siap guna "ko" dah.. bukan apa.. lapaq Koko Keranch masa tu..

Chocolatey taste;
Ili Shaheera.
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