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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy like crazy

Hooyeah, busy.. busy.. busy..!
Alots of activitiy are going to be held soon.
Now is the time to practice!
Practice makes perfect, aite?
Hope I can do my best ( :

Sketsa; I love my part. Not because of the character but the length of my dialogue. Simple and short. x3 Kan Ucu Wan, Kan? xD "Be-be-betul, betul, betul!" xD
Mier, don't worry. Next time we'll do our own sketsa, okies? xP
Forum Perdana! Uisyeh! Luckily i'm just a reserve speaker. xD
Dendang bermadah (Coral speaking)? Next month and I didn't memorize all the script yet v.v
Sport's telematch etc, Gahhh! Do sixth former really have to participate in this game? =w=
I just don't get it! xP

Looks like i'm an active student, huh?
I wish I can maintain the activeness when I go back home.
Home sweet home. And yeah, everytime I went home, I use my time to enjoy my sweet dreams.
I need to change! xD

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