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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011

PFS was the host for the debate today.
Surprisingly, students of Bahasa Melayu (sixth former) were incharged for making sure everything goes fine.

What's my duty?
Become a babysitter in the quarantine room xD
Hey, they're genius babies! From Bukit Jambul.
Genius? Why?
Well, I saw the way they practice their topic :
SMS increase the quality of our life.
And indeed, yes, their points are strong.
Some of their points include about Halal foods, Friends of cops and the  prevented death of somebody.
Idk, something like that.
I salute the way they debate. ( :

As I remember, their names are Erde, Amar, Syazmi, Aliah and pft, I forgot the last one! >.<
I'm kinda sad because I can't watch their live debate versus Heng Ee's students!
So I waited for their victory in the quarantine room xP
Again, indeed, yes, they came back victoriously!

Mereka : Kami menang, kak... (Okay, ternyata aku ini lebih tua terdahulu dari mereka)
Ili : Ea? Jumpa lagi Rabu ni... (Jawab dengan nada cool kononnya. Rabu, peringkat akhir)
Mereka : Berkemungkinan besaqlah, kami menang. (Senyum tanda keyakinan) xD
Guess what? Yogia told me that they really won.

They gave me this sweet.
This is not a corruption, okies xD
Some kind of celebrating their achievement perhaps? xD
Aww, shweetest thing ever :3

Sweet sour;
Ili Shaheera.
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cherryapplebaum said...

hehe ni mesti ili telah menjalankn tugas dgn baik sampai dapat the sweetest tip :D

Ili Shaheera said...

Ahaks! well... wild wild west. xP

cherryapplebaum said...

great job :DD

Ili Shaheera said...

They appreciates me so much. I'm touch. ///>.<,