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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quote is in the air

PFSian, familiar with this quote? Congratificatilationalism! That's mean you've came to the Kutub Khanah before! xD

 The final touch.

Although it was the final touch, I have to re-do it indirectly. xD
Quote... It's everywhere around the school! :D
And I can't believe I can find a quote in Economy's book too 0.0

"The... economy is facing a period of stagflation in which both growth and inflation disappoint."
David Walton
Goldman Sachs
Longman Teks Pra-U STPM Matrikulasi, Makroekonomi, Bab 6, 202

Today when I was walking with Chansy and she read a quote, 
Suddenly I got an idea to modify it a little bit...
It's quite a sensitive topic somehow, but just take it as a joke, will you? xD
Bulat air kerana pembentung,
Bulat manusia kerana Diabetes.

Chansy : Not all human are fat eventhough they're having a Diabetes.
Ili : ... 

Still speechless;
Ili Shaheera.
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Diyana Syanina said...

tue arr..kan da speechless dgn chansy..

cherryapplebaum said...

haha lawak la ili bulat chubby chubby

Ili Shaheera said...

Diyana, kena batang hidong sendirik, baru maw terkejot sat kan... Insap...

Jaja, bulat tu mungkin Ili. Chubby itu kamu. xD

cherryapplebaum said...

I AM CHUBBY AND I AM PROUD -padahal nk kurus- :P

Ili Shaheera said...


cherryapplebaum said...

sedap jugak tuh -chubbygondolabaum- gondol2 lebam2 huhu

Ili Shaheera said...

Ngeri pulak kalau macam tu. xD