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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Definitely Netball

Netball is a ball sport, played predominantly by women, between two teams of seven players. The sport derived from early versions of basketball, and is similar to it in many respects. Netball developed as a distinct sport in the 1890s in England, from where it spread to other countries. It is popular in many Commonwealth nations. -Wikie.

The last time I played this game was today xD
But before that, years ago, on 2002! 0.0 
Now, I'm back active and going to fight against Pinhorn or Wu Lien Teh for Sirajuddin this Friday!
Majulah Sirajuddin untuk PFS!
Please pray for us ( : because we don't want to pray xD
About the White Shit, He's definitely the top three whitest shit ever on earth!
Flush you!!!

Now, lets see this...

 I used to be the W last time. Now, I'm GD!

WTAlphabets! xD

C-Center : Allowed to run the whole court except for the goal circles.
WA-Wing Attack : Middle : Center and your goals third except for the goal circle.
WD-Wing Defense : No goal circle. Center half and both thirds.
GD-Goal Defense : Oppenents goal circle, third and Center. Not your goal circle nor your third.
GA-Goal Attack : Your goal circle, third and center. No oppenents goal circle.
GS-Goal Shooter : Your goal circle and third. No oppenents goal circle, third and center.
GK-Goal Keeper : Oppenents goal circle and third. No center, your third and goal circle. -Wikie

Nice, huh?
Oh, netball practice just now are fine.
Just, there were more people joining the club.
All of them are football boys from another school.
Seri Mutiara ka, Mutiara Indah ka, apa Mutiara entah nama sekolah depa tu...
Mier, don't worry. They're good boys. Still don't know how to flirts. xD

I still remember some of thier names...
Amor Amar, Mahmud, Niza!!! 0.0
"Kak baju kuning, Niza nak nombor telefon"
Maw terkejuit sat.
Okay, tak terkejut dah. Sat ja... xD

I looked around and realized that I'm the only girl who wore yellow tee that time.
It's kinda awkward! Aisya Pe'ah was just next to me, but why did Niza attracted towards me?! 0.0
I never expected to be attracted by anybody when I'm in school!!!
Comot, belengaih dan kalot, okay?
Mier, toksah dok mai jumpa kat sekolah tau!
Wah, bisakah? xDDD

But in the end...
"Juai mahai na, kak!"
Mier, sila terharu sekarang. xD
Saia sudah lari dari tajuk tampaknya.
K, bai!

GD Gedik;
Ili Shaheera.
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cherryapplebaum said...

uhuhuhuhu! kasi taw mier suh wat lawatan ke skolah PFS! hehe ASAP!
Bestla org tinggi main Net Ball-jealousnye-
All the best! GO Sirajuddin!

Ili Shaheera said...

Tinggikah 163 cm? xD
Jajanakai, PIAP!!! :b

cherryapplebaum said...

aduii T.T smpai hati ili pkoi jaja isk2 :P
Tinggilah 163 cm drpd 152 cm yg dah x de harapan nk tinggi uhuhu

Ili Shaheera said...

Mak dah pesan telan Calciyum!
Tak mau!