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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sports Event

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2011 and today
Penang Free School
8AM - 10.30AM

Yesterday we've done high jump and 400 m.
Wooh! I really love high jump because when I'm doing it, I feels like "I believe I can fly" xD
400 m? Pft! Just forget it. I am no more a good runner v.v
Overall points, Sirajuddin got the highest one!
Looks like we've reached our goal that day!
Defeat Wu Lien Teh! xD
Chansy, it's okay, I'll help you to wash the moving White Shit. xD

Today we've done 100 m and long jump.
Seriously, I missed my past. A girl who ran so fast. I think so. xD
Long jump? =.,= Sudah lompat, jatuh terguling-guling pula.
Nak cover malu punya pasai, duduk bersimpoh sat kat pasiaq tu.
Pastu konon-kononnya sedang khosyok membina istana pasiaq. xD
Tettt! xD

Overall? Sirajuddin still the first place who collected the most points!
But today we're too kind-hearted.
We've shared the points with Wu Lien Teh.
Ahem, sharing is caring, aite? xD
Lalala~~~ xD

Same as Mier and me. Always photo sharing. Haha! xD
Kan Mier, kan? xP

Public concern;
Ili Shaheera.
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cherryapplebaum said...

P. Ramlee pon ada participate ka? lol :P
Ili touch the sky truih la tinggi!ehehe
bestnya! >.<

Ili Shaheera said...

Ekau lol ea?
Jangan katakan P. Ramlee, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin pon join!
Hamilton, Tunku Putra, Cheeseman, Pinhorn, Wu Lien Teh dan Hargreaves pon join! xD

cherryapplebaum said...

Cheeseman? reminds meof cheesecake >.< who is he btw?

Chansy said...

although I as a P.Ramlee member..But I do like Sirajuddin..Whatz can I do..In my house has a big lazy Lier...hard to kick her out from my house...Lose becoz of her..Well..since P.Ramlee lose..then hwaiting!!!Sirajuddin..win for me and defeat the white shit!!!HWAITING!!

Ili Shaheera said...

Jaja, every sport's house in PFS got it name after the principals xD Perhaps! xD

Chansy, I bet that your captain going to be mad if he read this. xD
Pft, that girl.. Wish I have an idea to name her!
Majulah Sirajuddin untuk PFS!!!

cherryapplebaum said...

haha,ouh nama rumah sukan ea..lawakla :D best!

Ili Shaheera said...

Jaja, http://ilishaheera.blogspot.com/2010/07/interhouse-game-day.html