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Sunday, May 1, 2011


As simple as that..
Knocks. knocks, whose there?
Sounds like booh! :b

For the entire of my life, I seldom borrowing books from the library.
2011, the last of my schooling year.
Maybe I should learn to borrow some books.
Better late than never, aite?
Chansy, May I join your Last Minutes Minute Club (LMC)? xD

Wow, it was the first book that I've borrowed :b

First book and extremely excited!
First, Abang Mata Coklat borrowed this book too! Argh! xD
Second, 7/10/10 is the last date who borrowed this book last year.
Mier, that's our date♥ ..^^

Pe'ah, I know you're excited too because 'Adi Sixth Sense' borrowed this book :b
I've wrote my name there...
I'm wondering which one of my upcoming junior will borrow that book? :b
They're coming this month! :D

Upper Senior;
Ili Shaheera.
Anything to ask? Click here!


cherryapplebaum said...

oh yea lower 6 is coming! mom is pretty busy with the registration hmmm~ i'm also busy helping her to key in the SMM

Ili Shaheera said...

Borang Maklumat Murid!
Hak hak! Students better write down their parents' payment or else, it'll be assumed as they're being paid RM 9,999!
No scholarships then! 0.0

cherryapplebaum said...

wooosh that's insane!
haiya XD

Ili Shaheera said...

Ugly truth!