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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Keyboard Nowdays

a b c d e f g h 5 1 2 3 0 n 6 p q r s t 4 v w x y z 


C4rse y64, wr5n23y 63d 3appy! 
5 w5sh f6r a brand new 3appy!
A very g66d 6ne!
Can 5/

0ad hatter+
535 Shaheera.
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cherryapplebaum said...

QWERTYUIOP is the latest english short story in F4 and F5 ehehe story about a possesed typewriter o.o
your keyboard...possesed?

Ili Shaheera said...


♥ 欣儿 ♥ said...

Woo ... Nice keyboard !
Opz.. Sorry juz now x saw you ... you same class wif chris ?? hey .. I noe that this week you all have an exam ... Good Luck !