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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lu Langsi, Lu Mati!

SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2011
Queensbay Mall

Domo Leng Zai bukan Lansi! :b

Fyi, that's Dear Elly's hand♥
And that's her Domos♥ (There's mine too...) :b

WTRelationship between the title and Domo?! 0.0
Dear Elly bought these Domos yesterday (20th May) at BJ (right after we've took the certs).
She's so excited to bring them along for outing today (21st May) :b
Based on my dice, we've decided to go for a movie!♥
Each of us rolled the dice and if the dice's number is
1 - Watch movie.
2 - Eat.
3 - Go back home. Haha!

We've queued up for the tickets and
Dear Elly : Hey, what movie are we going to watch!?
Dhiya : Let's think!
Ili : Need a dice, anyone?

Worker (a Chinese♥ man looks like 40-50 years old) asked for our seats' location.
Dear Elly : The most right.
Worker : Okay.
Dhiya : A little bit to the left.
Worker : Okay. Haha!
Ili : Make it to the middle. Separated seat, okay?
Woker : Not going to seat together!? HAHA!
Saja kacau pak cik tu sat... :b

Yes, We've chose Lu Langsi, Lu Mati♥
Tumulak comei sangat! Awuawuawu~♥
Tumulak "Stop it!" "My name is Tumulak, I come from Thailand" "Sarip bin Saripudin!" "Tokse Tokse"

I expected that this movie is way better...
Anyway, good try Farid Kamil ( :

Dice Roller;
Ili Shaheera.
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puteraduyong said...

hehe...that domo really cute!

that langsi...also pecahkan perut.. ;)

CherryAppleBaum said...

haiya tadi org dlm kelas gwa bru gado dok sebut benda nieyh,haha tp gwa tgok dr sdut positip! mari ramai2 jaga kesihatan--->~Lu Langsing Lu hidup.~

Ili Shaheera said...
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Ili Shaheera said...

puteraduyong, pecah perut!? Saia gembira kamu masih hidup...

Jaja, HAHA!