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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SPM's Certificates

FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2011

After a tiring day at school, at the evening, I've tired myself at my former school SMKSgN! ( :
Taking certs time!
SPM's cert and General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (English Language - 1119)
Woots! WTGeneral bla bla bla?
Well, it's a collaboration between Examinations Syndicate, Ministry of Education Malaysia and University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate.
Phew... berapa banyak sindiket wang palsu daaa... xD

Last two year, I was a student. Now I'm just a visitor D;

Aduuuh! Pak cik guard tu suka betoi tahan kami dari dulu!
Pak cik guard stopped us from entering the school and said "Wait!"
My first thought was "OMO! He didn't recognize us anymore?" 0.0
Buzz! He aimed me and babblered something.
Okay... he surely still remember me =.,= only?

Okay, Dear Elly and his Kay, Chansy, Alia and me got the chance to meet up Abang Rohi, Abang Hisham and Cikgu Sublimation Sabli♥ (Pity you, Dhiya?) :b
OMO! Cikgu Sabli! Beliau semakin tua dewasa! Sudah ada uban♥
Abang Rohi steady lagu tu jugak... jatuh jolok motor ea, bang? xD
Cikgu Sabli said that Zahid and the gang and Najwa and the gang have came here first taking the certs before us.
K, bai! xD 

Oh, yes! I met Cikgu Phaik! She's my former form two english teacher♥ 
Gua ingat laei beliau pernah tepuk-tepuk belakang gua laju-laju dalam kelas sebab salah jawab soalan beliau =.,=
Dan gua ingat laei masa tu Naruto gelakkan gua...
She dropped my water face! xD

I heard that pak cik kantin didn't work here anymore.. Aaaw D;
I missed Abang Pjarnz, Abang Ijad and Whoosh Man D; (The Workers)
Yes, I saw new workers, now, it's time for mak cik kantin!!! xD
Alia and me entered the canteen and they was like (>.>) (<.<) Ushar lagiii
Mak cik kantin : Who are you?
Alia and me : The ex-students here...
Mak cik kantin : Ouh...
Gua syak mak cik kantin ni berdarah O.

So, mak cik kantin's name is Za? Zaa, ada kaitan dengan kamu, enggak? xD

Enough with the canteen life, let's move on to the...

...GARDEN!? Principal's Garden? I never saw this before...

But yes, I saw this before...

...mural♥ Examine the mural carefully. What did you see? :D Yays!

As a nutshell, I ♥ school life!
No wonder I didn't stop schooling after my secondary school?
Is there anywhere that I can continue my study in school after I've done my sixth form? x.o|||

School Lover;
Ili Shaheera.
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CherryAppleBaum said...

Universities in the US still be called as SCHOOL :D too cool for school eyh?

Chansy said...

Ya..The Pak Cik guard love to stop us..Or may I said he too Busy~~[ Get it?? too Busy..]
I hate him because he scold me before like SHIT!!
Zahid and Najwa the gang haven't take their 1119 cert yet...[ I curi tengok...hehex..]
Yes..I miss the Pak Cik Kantin toooooo~~~

Ili Shaheera said...

Jaja, W.O.W.! xD

Chansy, he's a busy body man, huh? xD
You've must done something wrong, that's why he scold you? 0.0
About the gangs, maybe they just visited the teachers?
Pak cik kantin is funny! :b