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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orientation Game for Sixth Former

THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011
Venue : PFS
Time : 3.00PM - 6.00PM

Pe'ah and me were the facilitator for Group 4.
I was busy capturing thier photos and videos so I didn't have much time to get to know them.
Overall, my group portray 1Malaysia♥

Ben (right) put some sense of art on Faz :b

Faz is in the group 4.
He's the funniest junior so far xD
It's funny that he gave his number to me...
Ha.. ha.. ha..?
-Hides inside of Mier- >O

There's eight check point for this game.
1 - Bandroom : Dancing class? xD OMO! The station master is No Problem! xD
2 - Canteen : Smell It (Conducted by my classmates)
3 - Bookshop : Icey Money (Bicky is trying to attract Pe'ah!) xD
4 - Hall : Guessing Character. I hate this station! Bullied my babies!
5 - Form Six Block : Fox and Chickens. Last Year was Painting Class :b Hungy-Hungy Chan!♥
6 - Tennis Court : Poison Ball
7- Technology Block : We're actually skipped this station! xD Pft! Chansy was the station master here D;
8 - Kutub Khanah Tunku : Passing Hula Hoop.

I love it!♥

Kakak Lilishaheera;
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Chansy said...

1.Bandroom..- No Problem!! Isn't no problem for the games too??
2.Canteen.. - No comment...
3. Bookshop..- Bicky is who??
4. Hall... - Hehex..Don't be so mad about it..Just a orientation games!!
5. Six Form Block.. - I hate it!! Because of them..There are missing 2-3 group in my station...They said that they are taking alot of time at there..
6. Tennis Court.. - Whatz ball???
7. Techno block.. - How dare you....Mummy hate youuuuuu....Sob..Sob..Sob...
8.KKT... Boring...

Congratz..my dear...look like my daughter are getting more popular....Like father like daughter...

ilishaheera said...

xD No problem for the facis only :b
Canteen? Pity them who smelled it D:
Bicky is the one you hate; the muscle man.
Hall? ARGH! D:<
Six form block, yeah... kinda delayed x.o
Poison ball! Click that word and UKR! :b
Mommy, sorry. Idk that there's no more techno block Dx
KKT, not really! D:<
Popular in what! Dx

Chansy said...

Before i start..Why Your music keep on stoping??Isn't its loading??
1.Not that understand??!!means??
2.Hehex...Just use your noses!!Noses??
3.isn't the one that dance fan dance??
4.Be happy..Just a past orientation games..Hehex..
5.Shiiiiit...Because of them..I didn't have fun in OG!!
6.Poison ball...I don't understand!!
7.Well...I can't say anything..Is because of the White Shiiiiiit...
8. KKT...The games doesn't look interesting in my eyes..Isn't really fun??
Popular in popularities!! Correct or not my spelling??

ilishaheera said...

Idk 0.0
The dancing class is a problem to the juniors actually.
Nose only. Nostrils, yes :b
YES! he is!
I still GERAM!
6. Kotak beracun la, sayang!
You spelled it right :b

Chansy said...

Yes..Finally...[ for spelling]
Hey..Why my name is on the Sixth Form Block??!!
Nope I won't feel hungry for this..
Reason : Hate that group!!XP

ilishaheera said...

Hungy-Hungy Chan is Hung-Hung Kun, okay? xD

♥ 欣儿 ♥ said...

I like the theme song !

haNnmEan said...

truthfully, i never have any of non-malay frens (which I eager to have one!) i think it's a big loss since we live in Malaysia..=(

♥ 欣儿 ♥ said...

Erm .. Theme song of iLishaHeera Blog =)

ilishaheera said...

haNnmEan, Go grab one now!n__n

Angie, thank you ^^.. Well, Yesung is a great singer >x3

? said...

kak,dimanakah tandas??

ilishaheera said...

-Bagi peta- Hak hak! Maka bocorlah kamu! :b