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Monday, July 11, 2011

Key-In Books

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Okay, that's a part of librarians' duty.
Key-in books.
It's the easiest part!
Yes, easy if you remember each and every detail of it.

It's quite a shame that I still need Kakak Ummul besides me to teach probations this part xD
One thing that I know, maintain my so called; coolness and act everything is under control :b
Okay, one might view me as an arrogant librarian.
Whatever! (Ala-ala Nabil) xD
Get to know me and you'll know who I really am! :b

Chansy, you're brave enough to teach the shelving part alone! xD
-Gives Kakak Ummul to you- xD

Why key-in is easy?
Well, you just have to sit infront of the computer and key-in the books' information.
The Call number, ass number, books' category, language, title, author, ISBN number, location, edition, sources, pages, published year, price and so on.
As easy as A B C♥

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