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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photoshoot Session For Lower Six

Venue : Kutub Khanah Tunku, PFS.
Time : 7.30AM - 1.00PM

Okay, melampau sat kalau tangkap gambaq guna kamera ni :b

Photoshoot day!
For the first session before recess, Lee Teuk, Mot and me were incharge to settle this down :b
Lee Teuk? Incharge for calling them to come to the library.
Mot? The photographer!
Me? Hmm... nothing much to do. Just take care of the lower six.
Depa tak daklah buas mana pun :b

Lesson of the day?
I learnt how to handle the procedure of borrowing chess board xD
1st - Ask for their library card, keep it until they return the chess board.
2nd - Ask them to fill out the borrowing form? xD
3rd - Return their card right after they returned back the game. Butter Barter exchange? :b

Before that, I have to make sure that there's 32 pieces!
It's been a while since the last time I played this game.
I'm not sure if I remember the steps...

Alzheimer's victim;
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CherryAppleBaum said...

Wow Lego camera,is there 32 pupils in ur class?
coz if it's 32,we can be considered twins effect >.<
Photoshoot during school for eternal memories

Chansy said...

Lee Teuk???!!!

ilishaheera said...

Jaja, 32 pieces for the chess game. The King, Queen etc etc etc :b

Chansy, there's problem with the alphabet I when I'm posting this. So I changed to U :b