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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Alice Nine

Alice Nine (previously stylized as alicenine) is a visual kei rock band formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2004 -Wiki.

Okay, I'm not one of thier fans but my friend is :b
Shou, vocalist of Alice Nine is the one she adores.
Babe, I'm sorry because until now, I didn't draw him for you yet xD
He whose born on 5th July 1981 and use BVLGARI BLACK perfume is really complicated to draw @__@
Well, I'm not good in portrait .-.

P.S. Tora looks nice. Ahem! xD

Tora Biskuat;
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Liselle MonCherie said...

Alice nine!! i know this band but I prefer The Gazette :3.I read about Alice Nine in a magazine when i was..12 XD

ilishaheera said...

Wow! You love bands from Japan too? ( ;