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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Wave Waved Me Earlier

Venue : Gurney Drive, Pulau Pinang
Time : 12.00PM

Credits to Mr. Wah Yeap

It's a humid day. Errr... rainy season I mean.
I feel uneasy about today and yes! Look at the photo!
It's a waves up to 5 meters tall!
Happened today at Padang Kota Lama!
No wonder I refused to chill near the sea side!!!
Along the Gurney Drive, the sea looks fishy!
Ummi tried so hard finding free space to park the car.

Ummi: Now, let's go there!
Ipah: I don't want to, let's go back.
Ummi: Over there is more nicer!
- - - 
Ummi: Come on, let's go there! *points some nice place to snap photos*
Ipah: Just forget about it. Let's go back...

Ummi drove away from Gurney and I'm kinda RELIEF!
As soon as we drove by Padang Kota Lama, the sea looks even fishier!
I thought the sea was dried but in a high tide level and left only mud;
A wave with an ugly brown features.
But we made it to home safely, Alhamdulillah.

At night when I'm busy myself surfing on the sea internet,
I saw this news:
Beberapa buah kereta yang melalui di tepi tebing persisiran pantai Padang Kota Lama dibasahi dengan air laut apabila ombak setinggi 5 meter melanda di kawasan itu di sini hari ini.
Keadaan ini berlaku berikutan angin kencang dan laut bergelora.
(Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia)

...and I was like "I KNEW IT!"
Yeah... The Wave REALLY Waved Me Earlier...
It says "Hey, I'm coming soon! I know you don't want to meet me, so...?" xD

Ummi, let's go back...

P.S. The wave in the photo looks clear. But I saw the sea look so brown before! D:

i l i s h a h e e r a
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Is My May

This is my May soap xD

It's been a while and look! Blog got it's new style!
This is my first time posting in the new system.
Here I go; "This is my Mier, no touchie!"
Uh-oh? I mean, This Is My May...

   I'm so nervous waiting for this date. Why? I'm called for the Art & Design interviews in USM! Alhamdulillah! I applied for four options but they just accepted my first three. The first one is New Media Design & Technology. The interview went well. At first, they quite shocked knowing that I didn't take any art subject during my PMR, SPM and STPM. But they started to have interest in me by looking at my past art certificates. Phew! Next, Communication Graphics. WOOW! The interviewer is so strict! He really expect us to have knowledges about this field! The last one is Product Design, more to chit chat than interview.

FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2012
   It's the time to have fun with my bestie! Ann! It would be more fun if Lia was there too... Okay. Back to reality! The best part was; she treat me for the breakfast! That treat really made my day. Thanks Ann, you're the best bestie ...and your Bella is the best kitty! Can you see her? The one that I hold tightly. Yeah, that's Bella. Pearl's future wifey. Hak hak. Pearl is my cat. Not my cat actually. He's the owner of my rented house. Past owner's pet. No wonder he act so king everytime he enters the house! JAJA! I wore pashy. What say you? Hewhewhew :3

   Movies time with Chansy! Err... Miracle Hair Expert is not a movie. It's a hair treatment center. The promoters done a good job. They caught Chansy's attention. Hmmm, I'm a little bit down during the cinema part. Chansy lost her handphone. She got it back at the end. Me? I lost my soft drink forever! I accidently "put" my drink into the dustbin. Bad dustbin! Why do you act like you're a table!!? Got me? But I didn't got my drink back.......

SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012
   Mini reunion of 6A3ians/2011. We had a nice dinner. We ate Tom Yam menus. The moment we ate together, I'm touched. As if we're a family; family of 6A3! On that night, we talk, we laugh, we snap photos etc. The most right person; Angappan. He's funny!!! He said that he's happy with his job. He just started working for three days! But the way he said "happy" like he's already worked for three months! xDDD

FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012
   I went to my ex-school with Diana. She want to return something to the junior at the right side; Red. The left side; Amirin. I saw him last time. He's quite somebody and yes, he is. He's fluent in English said Red. It was the first time I talked to him but we talked like we've known each other for ages! Strange. But it's more strange if you think that the middle guy is a junior, NO! He's a teacher!

SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2012
   Iron Lady time! Even though we missing one member; Lia, we added up with one friend, Lin. We went for cinema. I chose the movie. It's about robotics. One of my friend is behind the scene in the making of this movie. But the ladies here was so naughty!!! They made their own scene and script! Fast food? It's a must after tired hearing extra movie while watching a movie xD

SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2012
   Yays for ART! I went here with Yuki. Thanks Yuki for accompany me or else I didn't go at all because this place is near the sea side. Sea... really freaks me out! But I'm willing to go here because the strict interviewer asked us to. I gained alot of art knowledge here and I met art students from USM!

So, that's my May.
I really ENJOY my long holidays.
Too enjoy until I didn't realize when is the school holiday.
For the time being, everyday is a holiday for me! xD

This is my Mier :3

P.S. Art is so wide! Sampai bekas bedak kat lantai pun boleh ukir nama Mier 

i l i s h a h e e r a
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Mr. Know Everything

How do they know it's wrong?

Hello 2nd April ? I'm the one who applied this...!
I know whose my mother, what's her name and all that =.,=
Wrong password is acceptable. But MOTHER's name? Grrr!

Okay, my bad because I want to do last minute updates.
Today is the closing date applying these thing.
I hope everything goes fine *prays hard* xD

P.S. No wonder Zaki is very mad last time. "Nama ibu aku pun depa kata salah!" 

Mental Block; ilishaheera.
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012 COMEBACK!!!

YOU have the power to make a change, or changes or whatsoever! xD

What is this? I'm feeling the excitement of typing RIGHT NOW!!!
Just take it as the C O M E B A C K of me. Pffft... really? xD

Earth Hour, ay?
Hmmm, I'm sure going to support this wonderful worldwide event♥ Why not?
But, hey! I'm not that punctual. I might start LATE and end EARLY xD
...because TONIGHT, I'm going to watch him ALIVE! Woohoo! Taeyaaang♥ W ♥
Even though it's not a live concert... Will I ever go to any concert? e.e 
OKAY, let's step into the world of darkness tonight! In a good way of course xD
Dark tu bunyi macam dok ajak pi lembah kejahatan pulak xD

P.S. ALIVE is a BIG BANG concert ...and Taeyang is my new drug favourite^^

Sorry Yesung;
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Are You Sleeping?

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
Brother John! Brother John!
Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!
Ding, dang, dong! Ding, dang, dong!

Remember that song?
The original song is in French version and they didn't wake up brother John.
They're waking up Frère Jacques (Brother Jack) instead! O:

Okay, know, do you remember about SleepSide?
The one I always ask to vote in previous posts xD
They're going to sleep ROCK ON the stage tonight! Woohoo!!!
Hmmm? Why am I supporting this band?
CORRECTION, I'm supporting my friend! My classmate!
Zaki is there! As their bassist.
Well, all the best SleepSide!

Which one is Zaki? Ding, dang, dong! Jeng jeng jeng!!!

P.S. The 1st ever song from Sleepside has arrive from the underworld?
Could it be Are you sleeping, Frère Zacques (brother Zack)? xD

Frère Shah?;
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Choke on a Fishbone?


Here's some tips about removing the fishbone!

ü Eat lettuce.
ü Swallow some rice.
ü Eat and  then swallow some banana! 
ü Drink Zamzam's water. Selawat tengok...
ü Chew up and swallow some dry bread.
ü Swallow banana and bread simultaneously!!!
ü Eat some dry toast and then drink some cold milk.
ü Drink water from the pot. Minum ayaq kat tudung periuk tu, tau!
ü Drink water from a wooden spoon. Alaaa... senduk kayu! xD
ü Cough your heart out! xD Jangan betoi-betoi bagi keluaq jantung! Naya...
ü Put in some bitter spice into your mouth and vomit! Brace yourself e.e
ü Rub any cat's hand at your neck. Apa gelak? Belum cuba, belum tahu =.,=
ü Pull your ears!!! Erdi dah tau kan? Kumoq pastu  luah ayaq tu masa tarik telinga.
ü Dip your fingers in honey and suck it slowly. Nak buat apa-apa, selawat dulu!!!
ü Turn your plate three times. 
        Masa tercekik tu, pusing333 pinggan tu. Jangan pening sudah xD

P.S. Erdi, ada yang kata pi minum ayaq yang dicelup oleh tangan orang yang dilahirkan secara songsang...

Fishbone Trauma; 
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Modified Berries

No, no. We're not talking about Nokia C3.

It's about BlackBerry! Not the one that we can eat until choke up xD
This berry is so juicy nowadays. Everyone loving it!♥
But me? Pffft =.,= Dah la besaq, tebai pulak tu... boleh terkoyak poket!
Enough with Cedar and Corby! Go away Berry! xD

Now I'm actively searching for a dual sim handphone!
Yes, dual sim and may function as good as other one sim handphones!
My friends told me that dual sim handphones has bad line connection whatsoever xD

Back to Berry! I mean, the black one. BlackBerry.
I love the dots, you know, the logo.
I never wanted to count the dots but I can see, it's an odd number.
Who knows that the dots was being questioned in Money Drop! O:

P.S. Handphones drive me craaaaaaaaazey! 
I always slipped my Cedar. Am I getting a new one soon? >:3

Sherry Berry;
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Grown Up Girl

Time : 8.00AM

Today, I realized that my little sister is not little anymore.
I mean she's big enough to take care of herself! xD
I sent her into her classroom. She's alone, so I accompanied her.
But then she asked me to leave, man! Meaning, she's okay to sit alone.
Tapi tak puas hatilah... dah pandai dia mengajaq kita! Grrr! xD

When she was a little girl, she's so innocent, know but nothing.
I'm always worried about her. Risau dengan orang yang suka menghina...
Hello, tak rasa malu ka hina ahli syurga? Apa pandang? Dia manusia jugak!
Aaah! Ni yang nak EMO ni! xD

P.S. Three days left!!! Doakan yang terbaik untuk keputusan STPM Ili ea! xD

STPMer 2011;
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fire Rescue!

Time : 8.30AM

I'm rescue pack! Coming to the rescue! Al rescate! (to the rescue)
Rescue pack! Coming to the rescue!
I'm rescue pack! I got your back!
I can turn into a parasol or a kayak!
A nonONO!!! NOT this one =.,=

Kalau macam ni la gayanya, tak dak sapa berjaya diselamatkan! xD
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Because I knew that today will be a good day
Oh, I believe in myself
Hahaha333!!! Merapu nombor satu la ili oiii xD

Yesterday, my family seemed to be locked up in our own house!
Gate's padlock error!!! Pakat-pakat panjat tembok!!! xD
So we've made up to call the fire rescue today! 
Hari Ahad kedai kunci tutup daaa...
About six firemans arrived with their big truck! Punya semangat!!! xD
They did a really good job x3 Macam ni la baru kacak!

P.S. If you want to do something, make sure to do it all out! xD

Being Rescued;
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Friday, February 10, 2012

143 Forever!

Magical world of mathematics!♥

Do I look like I'm proud to say type this? :
Me & Mier have been together for 1 year, 4 months and 3 days!

Naaah, I'm just happy to see the digits; one, four and three.
143 Mier! Ouh, no, No, NO!
1437 Mier!!!♥♥♥ 7 for forever! :3

P.S. Apa pandang? Bukan senang nak tengok Ili Gedik, okay?
Selalunya Ili Redho... xD

Te Amo;
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Family of Theraphosidae

Pagi tadi ada kunjungan daripada keluarga si Theraphosidae...
Nak menyunting bunga di taman katanya.

Pffft! I still can't accept what have happened today x.x
Bukan tak terima lamaran tu, TAK, tak dak kaitan langsung! xD
Let's get straight; there was a Tarantula in my house! Bathroom .-.
Teringat Shuib kata labah-labah la, abah! Dah nak sama bunyinya! xD
I'm glad that nothings happened. Hero kan ada! Go, Walid, GO!!!

What made it came to my house, only Allah knows best ( :
Akhir zaman, biasa... Cuaca tak menentu, macam ni la jadinya .-.

P.S. Mi, lawak la cara cikgu jerit bila nampak "CICAK!!!" xD
Tu belum Tarantula .-. Mintak ampun, mintak simpang banyak-banyak la...

Al-Habshee Family;
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Man of the Appalling Trade

Time : 12.00PM
Scott's another elder sister; Willow.

Ummi said; she (Willow) was probably dead yesterday, at night.
Her dead body was so cold and hard today.
It's hard for me to wrap her around. With newspaper .-.

Ummi had to dig a bigger cat's grave than before xD 
Willow is the sister, bigger than Scott then!
Phew~ We dig up everything in sight

P.S. She's happy and healthy over there, I know! 
Feels the heaven!♥

Earthly Beings;
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Spiro It Around!

Ea, ea, Ili nak pompang pasai AIS KRIM! :F

I misses my school life...
I've ate almost ALL of the ice cream flavour with my friends!
It's still fresh in my mind about that day...
Ate Spiro Whoosh before? Or you can't remember? xD
That day was when Naruto asked me about which flavour of Whoosh are the best. Cola or Grape? What's your flavour? xD

P.S. Naruto... he knew that I admires him so much back then xD 
Whoosh reminds me of him BUT Spiro reminds me of Mier! xD
Kan dulu Mier guna telefon bimbit Spiro!♥

Acts Cool;
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Penang Bird Park

Venue : Jalan Todak, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Perai, Penang

Couples of Sha-Mier Green-Winged Macaw!

Today I've strived so hard to meet Aril and Mia.
Ea... kita merancang... Allah yang menentukan. Mungkin belum masanya ( :
So, I spent my noon at the bus stop. In the end, I walked home xD
But before that, a man (English man, beb!!!) asked me something.
He wanted to go to the Bird Park.

I was like; WHAT!? It's not in the island where he's now!
Lucky that I've been there before. So I guided him.
I don't know where in the world he is right now!!!
Hope he's just fine x.x

P.S. He even handed over his handphone number to ME!
...so that I can type the address of the Bird Park for him.
Percaya habis kat Ili!!! Agak-agak dia percaya tak Ili boleh jadi menantu mithali?

Tourist Guide;
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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Road Taken By Me

Venue : Penang Free School, Pulau Pinang
Time : 8.10AM

Yeah... there's two road; one forced me to walk in crowded.
I always chose the second one, the one that you watched ( :
It's the road that less traveled by...
Sorry I could just travel the first road when I'm going back.
To where I used to use. Okay, naluri kemerepekan Ili sudah membara xD

P.S. When I see the bike's parking, I misses Marhainis...

Ili Frost;
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...But Why?

Lizards poo when they are scared.

Do I look scary to you? Huh, lizard?
Meanie mini creature! You pissed POOED me off! Q.Q
Tapi... salah Ili jugak... suka usik dia xD

When I was a young girl, I alaways thought that lizard's poo were perfectly half black and white!
Silly girl, I am x.x
But the one that I saw was just a plain brown. Tak senonohnya! xD

P.S. Ili kena kencing! berak! @__@

Unexpected Victim;
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ay Ay Yupi UPU!

UPU adalah akronim untuk Unit Pusat Universiti - satu unit yang menguruskan kemasukan pelajar ke Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA) di Malaysia. 

I'm sure that everyone is busy with their UPU in a meantime!
Make a right decision, guys!
This is it! 

I hope that Mi, Pe'ah and Zaa will make it to fill their form together!
Boleh pulak semalam blackout na! 
Dah la tak dapat isi UPU, gaji kami kena POTONG pulak kot ataih! xD

P.S. Title today inspired by one happy song :
Ay Ay Yupi Yupi Yay

Happy Lady;
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How to Make a Wishlist?

(Example : This is my wishlist)

1. Dashboard
2. Design (Page Elements).
3. Add a Gadget (HTML/JavaScript).
4. Paste this code :

<div><input type="checkbox" name="mybox" value="" checked />MAY</div>
<div><input type="checkbox" name="mybox" value="" checked />YOUR</div>
<div><input type="checkbox" name="mybox" value="" checked />WISH</div>
<div><input type="checkbox" name="mybox" value="" checked />CAME</div>
<div><input type="checkbox" name="mybox" value="" disabled />TRUE</div>

5. Save and you're DONE!

P.S. You can always change the big bold text

Wishing Well;
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Once in a blue moon, my brother; Danny, will be home with pet(s).
He'll take care of his friends' pets!
The last time was Happy; a cute chubby rabbit and now...
Cute chubby hamsters!

I don't know their gender or their name either!
I just call them "baby" .-.
But based from my observation, I can obviously tell that...
It's a BOY and a GIRL! x.x
Oh, boy! The baby boy is so naughty! Budak nakai!!!
Yang betina perempuan sekoq lagi tu budak baik :3

P.S. I really like to watch how they drink! Aaah!!! xD

Missing Oggie;
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Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm In, Black's Out!

What to do when the lights out

Recently, I realized that I'm ALWAYS experiencing blackout event 
Event la sangat... =.,= 
Blackout is in the air! Why? Because it's not only happened in my house BUT in my workplace too!
I was shocked(In a cool way. But most of the time, I'll scream my lungs out .-.)

I'm glad that today, when it was blackout, there's alot of teachers inside the room, together with me.
All of them were discussing about sports activities; Sirajuddin!♥
I'm not involved... I'm just an EX! xD

P.S. Teachers nowadays, very enthusiastic no matter what happened!♥ (Even when there's no electricity)

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Friday, January 27, 2012


Hey, it's Friday! Schools going to reOPEN soon! O:
I'm always having homework stress last time. Now, no more! >:3
It's not good to do last minute work. But it's my habit! 0.0

People will say : 
Better late than never
Pffft!!! e.e

P.S. Alamak! Tak siapkan lagi tugasan yang Ayahanda bagi!!!
Okay... I'm one of them! xD

Task Stress;
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear Diary

Ever since I met blog, I'm no more active on diary...
P I T Y .-.
Perhaps I'll write again if and only if there's no more internet

P.S. Before that, don't forget to vote for SleepSideZaki is there! ( x

Sleepy Mode;
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Time : 6.45PM
Venue : Mr. Tan's house, Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang

Woah! Sir's house is so F A R
Wish that we can go there by riding a water dragon!
Erdi, Pe'ah, Mi and me made it to go there (Thanks to Pe'ah's brother)
Sir is so understanding, thank you!♥
He bought foods (made by Muslims) specially for his Malay guests!

Sir, Pe'ah said that your sons are good looking (Ahem!)
Apa la Pe'ah ni kan, bapak? Sir? xD
Well, Have a prosperous lunar new year, sir! and family!!!

P.S. Red box : Sir's pet. A dog. Sir... Habaq la... Sapa nama dia? 
Ni dah masuk TUJUH kali I tanya. Sedih tau tak? *_*

Hang Ili Po;
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Minerva Mouse in the House!

Time : 2.30PM.
Venue : Villa Kejora, Relau, Pulau Pinang.

Minerva Mouse (Minnie) and me!♥

Minnie! Do you like her? I mean the drawing xD
It's from me to mommy (Chansy) for her kids! Yaaays~
Look! Minnie dressed in red. (Chinese new year, huh?) xD

Ai and Mi can't stop watching at Ki~~~
Ki is not bad ea! Should I draw Ki too? xD

P.S. Chansy looks so happy to work at kindy!
(Later can take care of your brother's kids lo!!!) xD

Mystery Girl;
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Penangan Cili Padi, Kau!!!


About an hour I suffered a very powerful pain!
I can't bare to feel this pain!!!
I felt like my hands was burnt like hell !!!
I chopped chillies with my naked hands! I mean without wearing gloves.
I've done almost everything to tame the burnt : 
Scratch my hands
Washing with soap and water
Ice cubes
Shaked my hands
Cool it infront of the fan
SLEEP (Pffft!!! xD) 
At last, Ummi told me to soak my hands in rice (beras)
The burning wasn't completely cured or immediate relief, NO
It'll disappeared within an hour or two.
It works! ALHAMDULILLAH... Rasa macam kena BAKAQ, habaq hang! xD

P.S. Besides rice, try to use olive oil or soak in vegetables oil or sugar and olive oil, calamine lotion, milk, baking soda, sour cream, oil, egg whites, lemonjuicechoptheonionsandvinegar! xD

Ili Cili;
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

P. Ramlee Birth Place & Gallery

Time : 4.00PM.
Venue : Lot 2180, Jalan P. Ramlee, 10460 Pulau Pinang.
P. Ramlee was born in this house, which built in 1926.

I've been here before for Boria.
But this is my first visit to his house and gallery!^^
In his gallery, I saw one of his picture look-alike Baim Wong!!!♥

When I stepped into his house, something nice captured me eyes : 
In 1948, a lean pimpled teenage of nineteen made a date with destiny, a romance with the film would that met his fulfillment in the next three decades of his life...
This is some part of the rhythms of his youth.

P.S. He's good at arithmetics! (His results were displayed inside of his house, at the centre area)

Feeling Good;
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Esplanade, the Heart of Georgetown

Time : 3.30PM
Venue : Pulau Pinang

Red box : Hole in the sand dug by Mr. Krabs. Har kar333
amboi, teghoknya...

In the early days, the Esplanade was used as a ground for firing practice by sepoy regiments and later with the arrival of the British, the field was used for football, cricket and lawn bowling.

Ummi reminds me NOT to go near the sea, but... huhuhu...
Nothing can be done about it, Fort Cornwallis is just nearby! xD
Three of us (From the left); me, Lia and Chansy enjoyed the scenic of wind blowing while watching one busy crab digging a hole. 
A very deep hole!

P.S. Nak berjalan ni, kipaih kena ada selalu. Betoi dak, Chansy? xD

Ketegaqkah Daku?;
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fort Cornwallis

Time : 2.30PM
Venue : Pulau Pinang

Bringing history to life

Seri Rambai Cannon is the largest cannon here.
I didn't touch it even though they just stated :
Strictly do not step, sit or stand on this historic cannon
Historic, man! HISTORIC! ...gulps!!!

P.S. It's more fun to come in groups c:

Still Alive;
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Penang Times Square

Time : 1.15PM

Chinese Folk Art Exhibition.

Chinese new year is approaching what...
So they exhibit something related to it at the Ground Floor, the commercial directory.
Chinese is everywhere here! -Looks Chansy- xD
I can see, smell, hear and taste touch Chinese.
Penang kan! xD

The exhibition was great!
The best part was when I saw a little girl with a sexay dress and full of blast makeup.
We've bumped into each other at the 4th floor escalator.
I was so shocked! I was like "WTFish! She's a promoter!"
She replied me with a shocking face too and ran away from me!
Hello, even though you're a kid, you're still a promoter! You supposed to approach me, not avoiding me =.,=
She can run but she can't hide. I can still see her all way long to the ground floor xD

Chansy : Omagash! He's scared of you, Ili!
Lia : -Giggles-
Ili : I didn't do anything! She's the one who freaked me out!
Chansy : Look! He didn't even give you the pamphlet!
Ili : What's with he? She's a girl!
Chansy : Boy
Lia & Ili : What? What's up with the dress and makeup?
Chansy : It's a part of Chinese tradition
P.S. Boleh pulak dia terkejut dan terkentut bila tengok Ili terkejut dek penampilannya yang mengejutkan!

Masih Terkejut;
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1st Avenue

Time : 11.30AM.
aVenue : Pulau Pinang.

The car park.

I've been here before with Chansy!
But this time, together with Lia^^
Hmmm, I can't get it why this place is not crowded with people!
Maybe the effort of showing off the gigantic lantern is not that effective.

Magic Kitchen!
At first, I thought it was a place to learn cooking.
It's a food court actually xD
I had a nice lunch there. Eating Nasi Lemak!!! xD
Itulah menu termurah. Bajet! Bajet!!!

P.S. It's a pain in the brain! (Refer to the video above) @__@

Thrifty One;
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Little India

Time : 11.00AM
Venue : Pulau Pinang.

Magnificent mannequin!♥

"Penang's Little India is a colourful place which offers many specialised Indian stores and eating places. Take time to indulge in Indian specialities like spices, Indian music, garlands, trinkets and gold jewelry"

After we've explored our first checkpoint, it's time for Little India!
Lia the pilot, she's is the one who drove us along the way.
Chansy, the copilot, the map master! xD
Ili? ...sit at the back and relax! What? I'm bad about location, remember? :b

I thought Little India is big, happening and whatsoever...
But! The fact is, it is really little .-.
And we're visited on the wrong time perhaps xD

Thumbs up for the magnificent mannequin!
Your Her head and hands can move, y'all! xD
Nasib baik kaki dia kaku tang tu, kalau gerak, Ili gerak lari dulu! xD

P.S. Bila masuk kereta, duduk seat belakang, teringat kat Erdi. "Yes, Ma'am! Nak pi mana?" xD Huhuhu... Erdi, Ili tak niat pun nak jadi ma'am. Sekadar segan nak duduk sebelah Erdi. Nanti terasa macam duduk sebelah Pangalila pulak, Awww! *Sila sebut dengan nada yang gedik, ya!* xD

Little Malay;
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Taman Awam Metropolitan Relau

Time : 9.00AM

Danger! Danger! Winding road!

It's fun to hang out with Lia and Chansy here!
Nothing much happened here, but it's still fun!
As we stepped into the park, we heard kids having so much fun at the playground!
Luckily there's a banner stated that only below 12 years old are allowed to enter! Silap besaq la kalau tak tulih :b
Lia, don't be sad. We should've come here 8 years ago! 

As we continue our exploration, we saw a group of people practising Wushu Taekwondo!
Haiiiz... I really want to continue learning this martial art...
Half green belt is just not enough! Am I right, Pengy Lia? xD

Jogging track, yeah!
Three of us were shocked to saw the map of jogging track! Huge!!!
My eyes can't stop searching "You are here" at the map xD
I can tell that I have a great potential to be lost in my own hometown!
Well, HE still loves us, HE sent us someone to guide us about the holy huge track xD
But in the end, we didn't go through all the track at all :b

P.S. I can't forget the cuteness of one Chinese baby saying "Good morning" to us!♥

Orang Awam;
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